Sleep Is a Mystery

Sleeping in the subway © by Smath.

Today I wanted to give you a series of videos from YouTube about sleep habits, but it turns out that opinions about sleep are very different. A lot of people experiment with sleep because in the fast moving world we are living in it seems like waste of time to sleep.

There are some similarities though; no matter who you ask everybody agrees that sleep is important and there are a few things most people agree are important to a good night’s sleep like having a good pillow, waking up early at the same time every day, not drinking coffee before going to sleep and not watching television in bed.

Quality over quantity

I believe that whatever you do it is better to do it well than doing it over again because you didn’t perform well and made a lot of errors. It is more important to deliver a few good results of high quality than a lot of results of low quality. Sleep will help you to perform better and I would rather sleep more and produce high quality results than sleeping less and doing a lot of second rank work.

Cultural differences

Apparently sleep deprivation is a huge problem in the United States of America and it leads to a lot of health issues. It seems that the US citizen believe that sleeping is for lazy people and the less you sleep the better. Research shows that the nations that take most naps are Japan, Germany and Denmark (according to Dr. Sara Mednick). I’m lucky to live in a nation where taking a nap is looked upon as a good thing (Denmark). I nap every day between 1pm and 3pm and I feel energised.

Please watch Dr. Sara Mednick present her research and you will see the importance of sleep and napping.

Milk and cookies – don’t!

For some weird reason most American sleep experts recommend milk and cookies before bedtime. It puzzles me and it must be a cultural thing because cannot imagine that eating fat and sugar before bedtime is a good habit. If you would eat anything to fall asleep the best thing would be a bit of oatmeal with water; it is healthy and helps your body relax.

Sleep habits by BBC

BBC has made a program about sleep I highly recommend watching. It highlights the problems about bad sleep and sleep deprivation and it shows the recent sleep research.