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My Personal Business Dimension

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My blog on has been on vacation for a while. I simply didn’t know what direction to take in my writing. I have tried to start a new blog called Good Sense of Living that mainly focuses on food and recipes.

But yesterday I sat down thinking and asked myself:

  • Who am I?
  • What am I good at?
  • What defines me?

I have a lot of interests and that fact confuses me and that confusion is reflected in the great variety of topics in my posts. But all my interest and activities had to have something in common and yesterday I realised the obvious.

No matter what topic I stumble upon that catch my interest I always get ideas on how to exploit the opportunities of that topic. I always try to develop the ideas and see them as business opportunities. That is what I am good at and that is what most of my activities has in common.

Why is that obvious? – Because I am a skilled business economist in strategy and management. I have a MSc in business economics from Aarhus School of Business.

Like many others I have been on a long journey to discover myself and to find my purpose in life. I’m not there yet, but I think I finally found my passion and that is what I’m going to focus on for a while on this blog.

I will expand the blog with a new personal business dimension. I come from Denmark and I run a clinic for reflexology. I’m very good at giving treatments but I have realised that giving treatments does not drive me; I’m driven by the ideas that can develop my business.

I have started a blog in Danish about how to start a clinic and be successful. I will translate the key points of my posts and bring them on this blog.

What do you think? – Please comment my post and tell about your own experience.

The Secret of Receiving Is Giving

Time Jumper © by h.koppdelaney

Last week was terrible! I worked for almost 80 hours and being social was more an obligation than pleasure. I have learned that exhaustion doesn’t raise the quality of my work and it doesn’t make me a good company either.

I did not manage to write my blogs and I had to deliver rubbish two days in a row. I have to be more careful when planning work in order to deliver quality.

This morning I was thinking that if I were better at networking, then maybe I didn’t have to work as much as I do now?

I read a small and wise book a couple of years ago called “The Go-Giver” and basically the message was to give in order to receive. Everything you want from life you have to give out.

So, what is it that I want since I work so much and do I get it? I clearly don’t get what I want since I keep struggling.

This is what I want

I want money so that I can pay my bills and provide food and a bit of fun.

I want to earn a living writing.

I want more clients in my clinic so that I don’t have to do extra work elsewhere.

I want to be able to spend more time with my girlfriend, my family and my friends.

I want to exercise or to give my home more attention.

This is what I have to give

To get what I want I need someone to give it to me. But why should anyone give me what I want and how can they give me what I want? Basically I’m asking for time and money. Isn’t that what we all want?

The secret is to be specific about what I want and then take one thing at the time and figure out how I can add value to my network in order to get what I need.

E.g. to make a living blogging I have to write something people would want to read. I also have to find readers for what I write. Thus, I have to give quality content and show it to people whom value the content.

At the present time I have a lot of quality to deliver, but I don’t have anyone to receive it. That is why I have to focus on networking.

The best way to get success is to network and to add value to your network. You cannot get success alone!

The Habit of Positive Thinking

Glass Mirror © by Lel4nd

Make positive thinking a habit. I think that having a positive attitude is important to lead a happy and successful life. Often I meet people that have a profound negative attitude toward everything. They all have the same problems: They are unhappy and unsuccessful. People that are always negative also seem to be sicker than people that have a positive attitude.

On the other hand if you talk to very happy and successful people you will soon realise that they are incapable of seeing anything negative. Every time you present a problem to a profound positive person he will immediately turn the problem into an opportunity and he will most likely be very excited about it.

There is evidence that a positive attitude will strengthen your immune function. If you are into scientific reading you can look up “Positive Affect and Immune Function” by Anna L. Marsland, Sarah Pressman and Sheldon Cohen.

How to choose a positive attitude

I don’t see any reason to choose a negative attitude. Most people want to be both happy and successful – I know I do. Basically it is all about how you perceive the world; it is about how you look at the world and translate the information you get.

Imagine that you have to pairs of glasses in front of you. One of them is carrying a label saying “Negative” and the other one has a label saying “Positive”. If you put on the glasses with the “negative” label you will only be able to see the negative things in the world. If you put on the glasses with the “positive” label you will only be able to see positive things in the world.

It is your choice which pair of glasses you put on! If you put on the positive pair of glasses you will be able to see all the positive things and you can pick and choose among them, as you like. If you choose to join positive activities and to be with positive people you can construct your own success.

There are many ways you can see the world and the reality. It all depends on the glasses you put on. I chose the positive glasses and this worldview is supported by the theory of social constructions by Peter L. Berger and Thomas Luckmann. You can read about their work on Wikipedia.

Think about your language; do you use negative words or phrasings? Try to rephrase what you want to say and minimise your use of negative loaded words. Seek positive events and positive people.

Focus Is the Key to Success

door key © by woodleywonderworks

You know the situation; you come home late at night; you are tired and it is dark. You fumble with your keys – why do all keys look alike in the dark? You finally find a key that seems to fit your front door, but the key will not go into to the keyhole. You try again and again, but it does not work. You conclude it must be the wrong key and you fumble a bit with the bunch of keys. You remind yourself to sort out the keys you do not need anymore; you will definitely do it tomorrow.

Another key seems to be the right one – or is this the same key as you tried before? You give it a try but keeps missing the keyhole; you start getting annoyed; you bend down to get a better look at the keyhole but you still miss the keyhole. After a while you are in a very bad mood and you toss the keys start knocking the door until someone opens it. It does not seem to open and you recall that you live alone and there is no one behind the door to open it.

How do you get in? How do you reach your goal? Not by trying random keys and by missing the target over and over! To unlock the door and get in you need to focus. You have to find the right key and focus on the target to unlock that door. If the door is still locked then you need to evaluate if you have the right key and if it is focused.

I have been writing this blog for about four months and another in Danish for a little more than a month. The Danish blog is about reflexology and it is written in Danish and it seems to be more focused than this blog is. This blog does not seem to catch on. That is why I decided to re-evaluate and ask myself: Do I have the right key and am I focused? My answer was: No!

Well, I do write about life improvement and development but the topic is too broad. I realise that I have to narrow it down if I want success. That is what I am working on right now; I want to narrow down the focus to be able to hit the target and unlock the door to success.

A few days ago I started a series about tests to find your personal profile; they are fun and interesting and I really recommend exploring tests that will give you greater insight, but I also have to let you down and start narrowing down my focus on this blog. I am not going to give you more test ideas but I will take you on a small journey that will show you how I find my focus on this blog.