5 Great Articles About Sleeping Habits

Day 4 - Waking Up © by The Snarky Princess

I have found some great resources from other blogs that I would like to share with you.

1. How to Wake Up Early Totally Alert – by Steve Pavlina

This article demonstrates how important the physiological habits are. Steve Pavlina has experimented a lot with sleeping habits and in this article he stresses the importance of sleep, exercise and a healthy diet. I have been inspired by his article to experiment a bit with my dinner habits. I think I will start eating salads in the evenings and see how it influences my sleep.

2. How to Wake Up Early – by Sleeping Dude

I don’t really know who this guy is but I like the idea of a blog that only writes articles about waking up early. You will find a lot of inspirational reading here.

3. Strategies For a Better Night’s Sleep – Reader’s Digest

These are good and easy tips, although I would question the tip about cookies on the nightstand.

4. 10 Morning Rituals For the Healthy Entrepreneur – by Kavit Haria

These are 10 simple rituals to implement.

5. 10 Benefits of Rising Early, and How to Do It – by Leo Babauta

Leo does it the Zen-way and in this article he not only shows you how to rise early, but he also give you the benefits of rising early.

The 6 Most Important Routines in Your Life!

By Dawn

You need routines in your life, because without them you do not have a stable foundation. Routines are what stabilise your life and you need them to get success in life. Mind that routines change in time and one routine may be good today but useless tomorrow and if you stubbornly stick to a routine that is useless it will become damaging instead. Thus, always work on your routines; tune them and refine them; and when the time comes, change your routines.

Do not change all routines at the same time. You need a stable foundation while changing parts of your life. If you break up all of your foundation you will not have anywhere to stand and you will feel lost. Now, here are some of the most basic and important routines you need.

  1. Sleep: You need about 7.5 to 8 hours of sleep every night. Some people, including me, have a slightly different sleeping pattern and we prefer to sleep 6 to 6.5 hours at night and then 45-60 minutes nap in the middle of the day. If you do not get your sleep you will become discouraged, angry tempered, irritated and depressed. To accomplish something you need your sleep! If you want to experiment with other sleeping patterns then have a look at Steve Pavlina’s articles about sleep.
  2. Eat: Make sure you get a proper breakfast and make it your most important meal of the day. Next most important meal is lunch. Your food is your body’s fuel; if you do not feed your body then you will not work. Work on eating habits; eat a healthy and varied diet; keep eating times that comply with your body’s need for fuel.
  3. Exercise: You know what I mean! Get your b… of the chair and do some proper exercising! If you make excuses like – I do not have the time, then think about this: What would you rather do – spend 3 hours exercising every week or 24 hours every day being dead?
  4. Perspective. Set things into perspective and keep a cool head. You need to understand what you are doing and how to do it. If you loose perspective you will become stressed.
  5. Set goals. Every day when you get up you have to set goals for the day. Having a goal for today, tomorrow, next week, next year gives your life meaning.
  6. To-dos. Every day you should make a list of things you are going to do. To-dos are small lists of 5-6 items with tasks that are easy to do. In the evening you will be able to review all the things you have accomplished that day and you will feel success!