New Clothes Give More Energy

More Energy Project Day #23-25

My wife agreed to help me get more sleep and it seems to help.

Buying new clothes made me feel better. It is a great feeling wearing clothes that brings out ones personality; instead of wearing some old jeans and a worn out sweater.


Send Your Partner to Bed Early

More Energy Project Day #22

These days I have more focus on getting sleep than ever. I’m trying to figure out how to get more sleep at night and during the day.

Most of us have some kind of sleeping routine. When I was single my sleeping routine was very easy to maintain; I simply went to bed when I was tired and there was nothing to disturb my sleep. But the rules have changed after we became a family.

Now I share the bedroom with my wife and my son Axel; and they don’t necessarily want to sleep when I do. Axel usually sleeps through the night but he awakes now and then the get his pacifier. Sharing bedroom with other people involves sounds and movement that can disturb your sleep.

I’m a light sleeper and it doesn’t take much for me to wake up. My wife and I go to bed at the same time, but my wife’s getting-to-bed-routine takes about 30 minutes more than mine does. Since I cannot sleep before my wife comes to bed I will be spending half an hour just waiting for her.

By changing our routine and sending my wife off to bed 30 minutes earlier we would be in bed at the same time and I would get about 30 minutes more sleep each night.

How does your partner help you sleep?


Down with Stress

More Energy Project Day #12 to 21

I have been down with stress. Not been able to write or think a clear thought.

I need more sleep.

I found this scary infographic about health risks of not sleeping. I am experiencing many of the symptoms.


Work with Your Body’s Clock

More Energy Project Day #9

Energy level today was ok – especially in the morning.

I try to get up at the same time every day. I usually get up about 6 o’clock.

My body and mind work better in the morning than later. Today I started working at 7.30 accompanied with a cup of red eye coffee. I already had breakfast with an egg. I found that eating eggs help preserving energy.

After lunch I felt tired and a took a small nap. That nap helped me through the rest of the day. I’m tired but not in a bad mood as I used to be.

I think that working with my body’s clock helps me maximize my energy. It’s no use trying to work if the body wants to sleep. If I force my body to do things that it is not set to do, then it will drain energy. I might as well listen to my body and plan my day according to the body’s clock.

I have written a couple of articles about sleep:

Do you take a nap if you feel like it?

Can the making of good habits go too fast?

Scaffold Tree © by Webb Zahn

I was up at the usual time at 6.28; I poured myself a glass of water and sat for a while. It was nice just sitting there and letting my mind wander. My mind wanted to review what happened yesterday. My first lesson of yesterday was that I could only make a habit if I can find the desire for that habit; but that was not what I was thinking about. My mind was thinking about a healing session I tried.

I think it is healthy to try new things and to be open-minded. I am a reflexologist and I agreed to exchange session with a healer, so I gave her a treatment of reflexology and she gave me a healing session. I couldn’t feel a thing, and I was a bit disappointed I admit. But this morning my mind was rethinking what happened and I realised that I was filled with some kind of calmness that I haven’t felt for a long time. Maybe that healing did something to me after all?

I have learned another lesson by that: I have to consider that maybe I’m pushing myself a bit too hard? I have to accept that my mind and body have limits. Things take time and so does the making of new habits. I have learned that as long as I make new habits I have to accept that I cannot make too many new habits at the same time because then I risk building an incomplete foundation instead of a strong and stable foundation.

My foundation consists of sleep; exercise; diet and cleaning cluttered areas both physically and mentally. But if I break up all of my existing foundation to build a new and stronger one, then what will support my development if I don’t have any foundation?

It would be like building a house without using a scaffold. The scaffold is only a temporary device that stabilises the house while building it. Without the scaffold the workers risk falling down and the working conditions will be too hard and too difficult. You risk that the house will never be finished.

My existing habits are making my current foundation, they are my scaffold and if I want to strengthen my foundation I have to accept that I can only work on some of the foundation at the time or I will not have any foundation at all. My mistake was finding a new habit to implement every week. That is too much.

The past two days have been very important in the making of new habits. To sum up I have learned:

1. You need desire

2. You have to accept that habits take time

3. Do not push yourself

4. Keep a peace of mind