How To Be Successful: Be Persistent

Never give up! © by tsuihin - TimoStudios

Never give up! No matter what other people say, do not give up! If you really want something and you have a strong belief that you will reach your goal then do not let anyone make you give up – not even yourself.

If you feel like giving up or feel demotivated then you need to work on your self-confidence. When I decided to start writing this blog I set a goal. My goal is to write an article every day for one year and see how popular it gets within that year. This article is number 69 and even if I do not feel like writing I will do it anyway.

I do not know how to give up; it is not the kind of person I am. I am very persistent and if anyone says to me – that is impossible, you cannot do it, then I will do it anyway! E.g. I like doing sports and if I decide to run 25 kilometres, then I will run 25 kilometres no matter how long it will take me. I will not stop unless my legs break or I pass out. I have practised martial arts for twenty years and no matter how hard my opponent kicks or how many times he hits me I will not give up unless he knocks me out!

If I say I will do something, then I will do it!

You should do the same; set a goal and believe that you can reach that goal. Keep fighting and never ever give up! Use your willpower!

My 3 ways to be persistent are very easy:

  1. Never give up!
  2. NEVER give up!
  3. NEVER give up!

To get motivation I recommend that you search YouTube. There are a lot of great motivators out there. I can especially recommend this one – he is really persistent! He is living prove that you should never give up.

12 Ways To Build Your Self-Esteem

Hiding © by Trang.Nguyen - Xu

I have written a series on the subject self-esteem. To make it easy for you to start working on building your self-esteem I have summed up twelve ways to do it. Every item on the list has a link to the corresponding article for further reading.

I recommend that you take it slow and give yourself time to really work with each item. Go into depth with each of the twelve ways for at least one month each. That will give you material for one year to build your self-esteem. Every post features a task for you to take action.

  1. Small Successes. Setting small goals on a daily to-do list helps you to demonstrate to yourself that you are capable of achieving goals.
  2. Visualise. Try to visualise yourself in specific situations the way you would like other people to see you. You will discover what you can do to improve your appearance.
  3. Challenge Fear. In the wake of low self-esteem comes fear and anxiety. To improve your self-esteem you have to challenge your fears. Do scary stuff that makes you feel in control.
  4. Socialise. If you isolate yourself your world will be limited and your life will stagnate. If you socialise you will open for development and change.
  5. Set Goals. What are your goals? It is important to set both long-term goals and short-term goals. You need goals in life to be able to choose a good path in life.
  6. Do Things You Are Good At. Usually you are good at doing activities you enjoy doing because when you do something you like to do you will always be motivated to do your best.
  7. Perspective. Things around us are perceived differently, it all depends on the worldview that each of us have adapted.
  8. Give. Anything you give will generate something in return.
  9. Next Step. To ensure continuous improvement of your self-esteem you have to know where to go next; always think ahead.
  10. Stop Comparing. When you compare yourself to other people and feel inferior then you create low self-esteem.
  11. Get Motivated. You have to keep focus on the process and learn from the process. Winning or loosing is just a product of the process.
  12. Receive. The act of giving is an appreciation of you because you are worth giving.

Extra: Positive Focus!