More Energy Equals Getting More Things Done

More Energy Project Day #34 – 41

It has been a busy week, but I still manage to stay in a good mood. Today I’m tired but in general I feel more success than usual. It seems that my increased energy level leaves me with a feeling of getting things done.

When you experience your energy level decrease then you get caught up in a bad circle that is difficult to turn around. I think that my project is actually helping me to see a way out of this bad circle of decreasing energy.

In chinese medicine practitioners operate with the law of five elements. These elements are all influenced by each other in either a negative or a positive way. The law of five elements (Wu Xing) is a good model to show how the circle of energy works.

When I am out of balance then my life is influenced by negative things. By choosing to bring positive influencers into my life I can take action to turn the circle around and make the energy flow in a positive direction.

Apparently all aspects of life has either a positive or negative affect on my energy; that is why I have to identify the things I need to balance my life.

I found an interesting article about the yin-yang balance that show what foods to eat and how to identify whether you have a yin or a yang imbalance.



When You Rephrase Reality You Gain Exciting Opportunities


Rephrase © Erik Back 2012

Your phrasing habits make your reality. The words you use and the way you put them together form your perception of reality.

If you have a habit of applying negative words to all your sentences then your reality will be negative. The wind ruins your haircut; the rain wets your car; the dog next door keeps you awake and the sales assistant frowns upon your choice of style.

Choosing words that support your dreams and goals will attract people that can relate to what you say because they share your view of reality.

In the examples above you will attract self-centered people who focus on negative aspects of life. How will they help you reach your life goals? – They won’t!

Share realities

Imagine that all people have a pair of glasses; each pair of glasses are different so, reality looks different depending on the glasses you see through.

When you exchange glasses with someone, you see how this person’s reality looks like and to combine the two realities you adjust both pair of glasses to represent a reality you both agree on.

To exchange glasses you have to listen to the other person and tell about your own reality.

1. Listen to other people’s points of view; it is most likely that they don’t see reality the way you do. If you listen to people you will understand their reality and you can combine it with your own reality.

2. Tell your stories, but mind inappropriate phrasing. Pay attention to the words you choose and how they help convey your perception of reality. It is possible that you have to change some phrasing habits.

When you share or combine two or more perceptions of realities then a new one will emerge. That reality will be filled with new and exciting opportunities waiting to be explored. These opportunities will clear the way to your dreams and goals.

Top 5 Bad Habits

isolation © by Dawn Ashley

1. Watching too much television is bad for your physical health. Especially your heart and back suffers from sitting in front of the television, but also you metal health suffers and your IQ drops.

2. Not responding to stress is a common and very bad habit. Typical stress symptoms are feeling irritable, memory problems, frustration, muscle tension and headaches. The list is very long and it is important to act immediately on these symptoms; you can see an elaborated list at Changing Minds.

3. Having a negative attitude will isolate you hinder you from reaching your goals. In general it is a good idea to acknowledge the things you don’t like and then focus on the positive instead. I.e. your dreams, your visions and the things you want instead of what makes you unhappy.

4. Perfectionism is definitely one of the worst habits and it kills creativity. If you don’t take action and keep collecting information or fiddling then you will never get things done; you won’t make any changes and never get to your goals and dreams. Don’t fiddle – take action and remember that you learn from failure.

5. Being isolated is not good for your health and it will not help you get anywhere. You need other people to get success in this world. If you tend to isolate yourself then you need to work on you social skills and save some money on psychologist sessions.

Defeat Fear With Cans!

Stickman Motivator finds success

I can I will I can I will © Erik Back 2011

I found another great quote; I do not know the origins of the quote but it is good:

“Fear is a habit; so is self-pity, defeat, anxiety, despair, hopelessness and resignation. You can eliminate all of these negative habits with two simple resolves: I can!! I will!!”

To have success in life you have to do what other people either fear to do or do not want to do. Do not fear doing things because the things you fear will bring success; do not be afraid of success.

One thing I have learned is: Never give up! Things can be hard to do and sometimes they seem hopeless. Sometimes the whole world seems to think that what you are doing is a bad idea. But very often it is because they fear doing what you are doing. People want security and that is why they do what they always do. They stick to habits they know will work. But if you want to fulfil your dreams you have to get out of your comfort zone and challenge your fears.

I agree with the quote above. Fear is a bad habit. I know that fear is there to protect us but you really have to do some fearful things to get on in life or you risk getting more and more fear. If you focus on fear you will get fear. My advice is to do what you do not like to do because the reward will be ten times worth it.

I do not like to jump into a cold lake with thin ice floes, but I do it anyway because the feeling I get afterward is sensational. I feel like a completely new person full of energy and the blood is rushing and the adrenaline makes me feel high.

I want to get the reward; I want the great feeling I get afterwards. If you want something you can defeat the fear of doing by saying I will do it! I can do it!

I always chant a mantra inside myself when I have to challenge my fears; I keep repeating I can, I will, I can, I will etc.

Try it and you will be very well rewarded.

How Your Thoughts Become Your Destiny

Thinking... © by I .. C .. U

Browsing the Internet for quotes I found this one:

“Watch your thoughts, for they become words. Watch your words, for they become actions. Watch your actions, for they become habits. Watch your habits, for they become character. Watch your character, for it becomes your destiny.”

I am not sure who the original source is but after a quick search I found that a Finnish opera singer, Tom Krause, should be the source. Actually the source is not important; the quote is good anyway.

The quote stresses how thoughts become your destiny following a pattern that makes your thought become your reality.

Thoughts – words – actions – habits – character – destiny

Let us say that you have a negative thought… but where does that thought come from? Did you wake up this morning saying: “Today I will have only negative thoughts!” No, I do not think so. The thought is always induced by something; maybe it was induced by some experience or event. This means we need something prior to thought in the pattern from the quote – like ‘event’?

Yes, event makes sense, but it will not fit the quote because you cannot watch your events; they would be out of your control. But what is not out of your control is your perception of events. You can choose how you will perceive an event or experience. You have the power to choose to see life from a positive angle rather than a negative. I think that is what the quote is trying to tell us.

If you choose to perceive events from a negative focus you will convey the experience in negative words and they will induce some kind of negative action. If you keep doing this then your negative attitude will become a habit. From one of my other posts you know that habits are the building blocks of your life and if you choose to build your personality from negative building blocks then your life and destiny is going to be a negative experience.

Do you want that? No, you do not – that is not the nature of man. We want security and happiness and you can get that if you start watching your thoughts.