How did the First Month of My More Energy Project Go?

More Energy Project Day #29 – 34

Today I feel great. Some of the most important things I have done is focusing on sleep and exercise; nothing beats the benefits of good sleep and proper exercise!

Originally I wanted to write a post every day of my project. But I’m not going to beat myself up about not doing it. Not writing is an indication of my low energy level and I don’t need my energy project to drain energy. I have focus on getting more energy every day and today I’m going to summarize the first month of my project.

All in all the first month has had a positive outcome; I feel much more energized now than one month ago. I have had ups and downs and more will come, but I’m getting better at handling the downs. I used to get depressed an very negative; I felt like the World was collapsing around me. But now I’m able to think clearly and I’m more happy.

What did I do?

1. Sleep

First of all I have major focus on sleep. I even involved my wife in the project and had her change her routines to help me get more sleep. I still focus on sleep. My goal is to get 7-8 hours of sleep every day. I’m not quite there yet. I used to get about 5 hours of sleep but now its more like 6-7 hours on average. No matter what anyone tells you: Make sure you get your sleep!

2. Exercise

Exercise has a major impact on my well-being. After exercising I’m happy and boosted with energy because of the increased production of endorphin. Exercise helps getting better sleep and is a great supplement to sleep.

I have managed to get exercise about 4 times a week. My goal is to exercise every day. Mondays I teach taekwondo. Fridays or Saturdays I go to the gym. Three times a week I go running.

How do I manage to get time for exercise? Well, first of all I talked to my wife for support. Then I took a look at my daily routines and to see where I could fit in exercise; could I change some of my routines? I prefer to exercise in the morning, so I take gym classes in the morning if it fits my wife’s and son’s schedule. It turned out to be easy to find time for running. Usually I leave home 45 minutes before office hours, but if I leave 15 minutes earlier I can run to work and replace transport with exercise – that is clever! This way I get at least 3 hours of exercise but It only takes out 45 minutes of my weekly schedule.

My next project is to find time to swim once a week.

3. Change socks: Tried it a couple of times. It feels good. Changing underwear also feels great.

4. Sing out loud: I do it know and then and it makes my son laugh too.

5. Eat eggs: I’ve implemented eating more eggs; especially in the morning.

6. Coffee in the morning: I only drink coffee in the morning and sometimes I grab a cup after a nap in the afternoon, but never later than 15.00!

7. Drink water: I drink more water, but only if I feel thirsty.

8. To-do lists: I have been working on my to-do lists to figure out a system that helps me instead of stressing me. I still have a list of to-dos but I’m not sure what to do about it.

9. Work with my body’s clock: I try to get up at the same time every day and go to bed at the same time. Bedtime about 22.00 and up about 5.30-6.00. I exercise early, if possible. I try not to have supper late.

10. Improve breakfast: oatmeal, apple, blueberry, eggs

11. Early supper: Preferable about 17.00 to 17.30

12. Involve my wife: It has been a great help to get my wife’s support. She even agreed to change some of her own routines to help me.

13. Buy new clothes: I used to give my clothing low priority because money was scarce. But I have given it higher priority and it boosts my energy because I look better wearing new clothes.

14. One task a day: As part of my to-do list project I try to pick a task each day I want to complete. I’m not sure how well it works.

15. Lavender scent: Lavender is said to give more energy. I have bought a bag of lavender and put it in between my socks and underwear. I’m not sure how it affects my energy level, but it smells nice, so I guess it would have some sort of positive influence.

16. Wake up same time every day.

17. More wholemeal in my bread: I use spelt and wheat in my bread, but I have replaced some of the bolted flour with wholemeal spelt. It tastes great and is much healthier.

18. Less sugar: I don’t buy food with sugar and eat less sweets when I’m out.

19. Play to relax: I take time to play backgammon with my wife, Wordfeud on my iPhone and shoot some aliens on my PS3. I also play with my son almost every day and we watch a bit of television together.

20. Splash some water on my face: When feeling tired I found that cold water in the face can wake me up for a while.

21. Dress up: Well, looking good makes me feel good 🙂

22. Take a walk: sometimes I walk instead of biking. Eg. this morning I walked to work for 20 minutes. It cleared my mind and the cold air helped me wake up.


Today I Feel Energized!

More Energy Project Day #27-29

Getting more sleep definately has a great impact on my energy level. Even when I get tired I manage to stay in a fairly good mood.

Today I started practise for half marathon in June. I’m planning a training session three times a week for the next three months.

Today I feel more energized than I have for the past two years. I’m doing a lot of the things I wanted to implement to get more energy; and I’m starting to exercise more. The increased energy influence my other daily activities and my mood is getting better.

There are ups and downs in a project like this, but these days I’m experiencing an upturn.



Just One Task a Day

More Energy Project #26

A few days ago I started to do just one task a day instead of trying to manage a long todo list. I usually never get the things done on the list anyway.

Now I have made a list on my iPhone of tasks that I can choose from, and every morning I pick the task of the day. It works well and these days I have accomplished more than ever.

Read my article about todo lists.

I made a quick search on Google; it turns out that I’m not the only one who realized that todo lists not always works. “Just One Task a Day” gave 23.500 results.

The great thing about this strategy is that I  feel energized about getting things done and I do more that is not on todays list. In the end I actually get more things done than I would have with a long list of todos.

New Clothes Give More Energy

More Energy Project Day #23-25

My wife agreed to help me get more sleep and it seems to help.

Buying new clothes made me feel better. It is a great feeling wearing clothes that brings out ones personality; instead of wearing some old jeans and a worn out sweater.


Send Your Partner to Bed Early

More Energy Project Day #22

These days I have more focus on getting sleep than ever. I’m trying to figure out how to get more sleep at night and during the day.

Most of us have some kind of sleeping routine. When I was single my sleeping routine was very easy to maintain; I simply went to bed when I was tired and there was nothing to disturb my sleep. But the rules have changed after we became a family.

Now I share the bedroom with my wife and my son Axel; and they don’t necessarily want to sleep when I do. Axel usually sleeps through the night but he awakes now and then the get his pacifier. Sharing bedroom with other people involves sounds and movement that can disturb your sleep.

I’m a light sleeper and it doesn’t take much for me to wake up. My wife and I go to bed at the same time, but my wife’s getting-to-bed-routine takes about 30 minutes more than mine does. Since I cannot sleep before my wife comes to bed I will be spending half an hour just waiting for her.

By changing our routine and sending my wife off to bed 30 minutes earlier we would be in bed at the same time and I would get about 30 minutes more sleep each night.

How does your partner help you sleep?