Kitchen Catastrophe Went Smooth With To-do

Shelf © Erik Back 2012

What do you want most of all after a long day at work? I think most people would like to get something to eat and get their feet up.

Apparently one of our shelves in the kitchen had other plans, so it decided to jump of the wall and thrust its residing jars all over the kitchen floor.

The jars were shocked and popped open as soon as they hit the floor. In seconds the floor was covered with almonds, seeds, beans and pieces of glass.

No one got hurt except from the dishwasher that got a couple of bruises and some bent ribs; the door was hit and is now crooked. Furthermore, the dishwasher was filled by the contents of the jars.

I cleaned up the mess and took pictures for the insurance company. Then I made my to-do list of the tasks that followed the incident.

Usually an episode like this would stress me, but now I feel calm and I have a good sense of perspective. Everything I have to do is on the to-do list and the tasks are small and easy to do.

On Top of Catastrophes

Small accidents will always happen in my life, and they will be much more frequent when our son is born in September.

The trick is to stay on top of the accidents and catastrophes and turn them into insignificant incidents that will happen eventually.

I have learned that I can do that by simplifying my life and work on my productivity habits.