3 Steps To Use Intuition

(Too much) Thinking © by the Italian voice

We use our intuition to make choices and often it is very hard choices we have to make. When we make choices that are based on intuition they turn out to be the best choices we could make. It is impossible to know which choice is the best choice, but we can try to optimise a choice by using intuition. When we use intuition we do not use rational thinking but we involve feelings.

Step 1: Stop analysing! Shut down your brain for a while and stop thinking, stop worrying about possible consequences.

Step 2: Listen! Start to listen to your body, what does it say? How do you feel about each option you have. Look at your options one at a time and define your feelings to each option. You know when to make a choice and you will know if it is the right choice.

Step 3: Trust! You have to trust yourself and your intuition. Do not try to analyse why your choice feels right, because there is no way you can explain intuition. If you do you will be in doubt and make the wrong choice.

Now that you have made a good choice then be happy about it, enjoy it and move on because you cannot remake that choice. It belongs to the past.

Just for fun: Next time you check your mailbox then look at it and listen to your intuition – is there any mail in the mailbox today? Statistically you would be right half the times you do this, but you will be surprised that you will be right much more than that.