7 Links to Good Habits

Links by Clips © by RambergMediaImages

Sometimes it would be nice if I had a list of good habits that I could work on an incorporate in my daily life. It can be very hard to make such a list because where should I start? I know how to change a habit and I know what a habit is, but how do I choose some good habits?

I decided to browse the Internet for ideas on such a list and while searching I found a couple of good articles about habits that might be useful for you and I have compiled a small list for you.

The Change Blog: Here is a fantastic list of 24 daily habits that everyone can do. There is also a good article on how to wake up early and win the battle of the bed.

Pick The Brain: Tips for breaking bad habits and developing good habits.

Psychology Today: From bad to good habits in five achievable steps. An article by Ph.D. Susan Krauss Whitbourne based on academic research.

Life Hacker: What it takes to form a good habit.

Marks Daily Apple: How to develop good habits.

Freestyle Mind: 30 good habits that are worth considering.

I hope you enjoy these resources.

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