The Habits of Productivity

List © Erik Back 2012

Do you know the concept called Getting Things Done (GTD)? I have just discovered it and it sounds great.

GTD is developed by David Allen and it is a work-life management system.

I like to keep things simple and I like to get things done. But sometimes there are too many things I want to do and everything ends in a mess.

I stumbled upon GTD while I was searching the Internet for more energy. At first the concept seemed overwhelming to me, but then I found a bunch of articles about GTD at Zen Habits.

Leo Babauta, who runs Zen Habits, has studied GTD closely and he too found that it was very complex. Leo decided to combine GTD with his own habit management system and the result was Zen To Done (ZTD) – the ultimate simple productivity system.

He wrote a series of articles with 10 steps on how to implement this system.

Get the habit

After discovering this ZTD I started to think about how I could implement this system in my life. I would love to become more productive because I have a million projects at work and my wife is an inexhaustible source to projects at home.

My first task was to find a way to take notes and capture them. For this purpose I searched for apps for my iPhone. It was difficult to find some simple apps to do the job but I settled on iPhone’s own app ‘Notes’ for taking notes.

I have downloaded a million different todo-lists but none of them are simple enough. After a while I found an app called ‘All-Done’. It is a very simple list you can manage online as well.

Now I just have to work on my new habit: Capture things on Notes and transform them to a todo-list.

I will do this for about one month and I will keep you posted on the project.