Feel the Desire for Your Healthy Habits

feeling down? © by twak

The healthy habits don’t feel healthy today; I am tired and I do not feel up to the mark. Why is that? I should be more energetic and feel better by implementing good and healthy habits. I woke up at 6.28 like yesterday and I sat with a glass of water in quietude to get a good start. I got something to eat and as I started writing – nothing came out except for the feeling of having to be creative.

About 8.30 I was supposed to maintain my exercise habit but for some reason I was not up to it and suddenly I felt this overwhelming feeling of guilty conscience. My girlfriend made me realise that I try too hard. I have an extreme self-discipline and if I don’t stick to my plan I feel like I’m letting myself and everybody else down. That’s not healthy, so what to do?

I had a cup of tee and read a bit of Haruki Murakami “1Q84” to relax. I like reading and I like reading stuff that really makes me think; Haruki Murakami is good at that. For some reason he always manages to give me what I need and today I read a few pages about this editor who is evaluating a writers manuscript. He says: – to be a writer you need to have a desire to write.

I forgot an important thing about habits although it is probably the most important thing at all. To succeed in making a habit you need the desire for whatever you are trying to do. If I don’t want to exercise today then I will not succeed. If I don’t want to write then I will not succeed. I have a strong self-discipline but today that doesn’t matter; today I have to find motivation for making my habits. I need to find the desire.