How to Create Lasting Healthy Habits

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To have success with your habits you have to choose a few habits out of many to work on. When you start creating habits it is essential that you choose habits that you desire and enjoy.

I have made a list of suggestions on key posts on the topic of creating healthy habits from my archives. I hope you enjoy them.

Habit Management

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Exercise Habits

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Sleep Habits

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Diet Habits

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Habits on Your Mind

The Habit of Positive Thinking – research links that show how a positive attitude affect your body

Are You Conscious About Your Habits? – I found this great program from BBC on YouTube “The Secret You”

5 Incredible iPhone Apps for Habit Management

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I have been inspired by Leo Babauta from ZenHabits to dedicate my Mondays to organisation and management. I will put focus on tools and resources that can simplify your life and habits.

Today most people have a smartphone and mine is an iPhone. I bought my iPhone in November 2010 and it soon became a habit to keep it close at all times, because this little wonder can surf the net, it can check my mail, I can play games, listen to music, watch YouTube, check my accounts, write blogs… well I could go on.

Along with my iPhone came both new habits that made my life easier, but it also brought me new bad habits like checking mail too often and working when I should rest.

My guess is that your smartphone has invaded your life the same way it has invaded my life. It is great to have a device that can assist you in your everyday doings but you also have to optimise your new assistant to give you more free time instead of taking your time.

Let iPhone manage your habits

I have been searching iTunes for applications that has do with habits and I found a few interesting applications that can assist you in creating new healthy habits.

The Habit Factor® – This seems to be the leading application in creating new and healthy habits. It looks professional and you can add goals, track progress, get motivation, set reminders and even add photos of your reward if you make it.

TracKit – This is an interesting application that can help you spot habits and patterns in your life. You simply add events and record every time you perform the event. Then TracKit will plot the event into a map. You now have a visual dimension that can assist you managing your habit.

Touch Goal – This application helps you track goals and habits. It has a great visual design that makes tracking smooth and easy.

Commit – A nice and simple application that helps you stay committed. There are no fancy functions; it helps you to do what you have to do every day.

Alpha Goals – This is a good application with a nice design. It helps you to reach your dreams by defining a goal and the habit you need to reach to that goal. You can even add the steps you need to complete to reach your goal. The advantage of this application is that it has a qualitative focus that makes you reflect.