How To Build Your Self-Esteem: Get Motivated

Get MotivatedI always play to win, but the game is more important to me than winning. I really enjoy games of all kinds; the strategies I can make; the memorisation of cards and the prediction of next move etc. I also enjoy the physical efforts of sport; the teamwork; feeling the oneness of a team that works well; I love the feeling of giving myself 100 %.

I like winning but I have lost hundreds of games and competitions that I have enjoyed. When I play I have fun in the process; I find motivation in the activity itself and not in winning. The result is that I win quite often and I feel I get better all the time. This kind of motivation is called intrinsic motivation and that is the kind of motivation that will build your self-esteem. Competing other people to win will only lead to failure and lower self-esteem. You have to keep focus on the process and learn from the process. Winning or loosing is just a product of the process.

Five things that motivate:

  1. Be positive. Take a positive attitude to everything you do. No matter what you are doing then find the positive aspects and focus on what you like about it.
  2. Seek inspiration. Listen to other people, go to seminars, read books, read articles, search the Internet, watch YouTube and read blogs.
  3. Break routines. Motivation’s worst enemy is routines. Break your routines and find new inspirational ways to do things. Take risks and see what happens. Get out of your comfort zone and explore new things.
  4. Exercise. You need to strengthen your body and keep a good health. Exercising gives energy; you produce endorphins that make you happy and it will help you keep a sense of perspective.
  5. Set goals. Discover what you want and set goals. This will give you a reason to take action and motivation requires a reason.

Task no. 11: Read the above 5 items again and take action!

Who Are You?

Do you know who you are? If you do not know who you are, how can you expect others to know? It is extremely important that you know yourself to get on a good path in life. You are the only one you can be certain that will be there for your entire life. You cannot escape yourself and if you do not fulfil your needs and get to know yourself, then you will end up unhappy and lonely. Not even you will listen to you and how sad is that?

If you go to a shop that says: “This is a shop that sells stuff”, would your first thought be to go and buy that thing you had been looking for? – No of course not! But let us say that you are a very curious person and decide go in. The door at the entrance binds and you push hard to make it budge. You manage to make an opening just big enough to squeeze yourself into the shop. You see a lot of undefined stuff blocking the doorway and you decide to climb over it to get into the shop.

Inside the shop you look around. There are know signs to inform what kind of stuff they sell and ‘they’ are not to see anywhere. The shop seems deserted and undefined. It does not communicate any value to you, unless caving is your favourite pastime. Eventually the undefined stuff that is clogging up the shop will bore you and you will leave. The shop does not present any value to you and it does not seem to want anything from you.

The shop can only exist if an exchange of value takes place. The same goes for you! Put yourself instead of the shop. Are you like this shop? Do people leave without exchanging value? If you want people to visit your shop and stay for a cup of coffee, then you have to do something to tell people what you offer. When people notice what you have to offer then they will come and give whatever they have to give in return.

You have to go and explore every aspect of yourself and communicate all your discoveries to the world and people will join you and make your life the best thing that ever happened. There are 7 billion people in the world and I can assure you that some of them are bound to notice you and they will certainly like what you have to offer.

Exploring takes time; you have all life; now go explore yourself!

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