Eggs Save Energy

Day #4 in my More Energy Project.

Eating eggs helps save energy. Today I had and egg with my breakfast plus a shot of tomato juice.

I was extremely tired when I woke up, but my energy was good all morning and forenoon. Energy fell to very low in the afternoon, but my general mood was good.

More Ways to Get More energy

My More Energy Project reveals new ways to get more energy. I will list them below and update every time I discover new ways to get more energy.

  1. Start a project: Making the decision to start an exciting project like More Energy Project
  2. Text your partner: Send a positive SMS to your partner
  3. Reminders vs to-dos: Make reminders instead of to-dos


Change Your Socks for Refreshment

Day #1: Change socks at work.

Apparently this trick should give extra energy.

My energy level: very low; very tired

Tomorrow I will give you an update on socks and energy 🙂

Small update: It turns out that making the decision about starting the More Energy Project is enegizing in it-self. Starting a new project is exciting and creates energy.

This post is part of my More Energy Project. You are welcome to comment on my project.




More Energy Project

I have been low on energy for more than 18 months. My life got turned around after my son was born and we became a family. I havn’t managed to ajust to family life. As a result I am stressed, exhausted, low on energy and I’m starting to feel discouraged and depressed.

Something has to be done! Now!

I found an article on ZenHabits with 55 ways to get more energy. I’m a big fan of Leo’s site and if he can manage to stay enegized, then so can I.

For the next 180 days I’m going to turn my life around and ajust to family life. I will try all 55 ways that Leo suggests. Everyday I will post what I’m doing and how much more energy I gain from doing it.

These posts are not perfect; I’m not going to rewrite or spell check. This is a project with one goal only: To give me more energy.

I commit to this project by involving you, the readers of my blog. – maybe you will get inspired to start your own energy project 😉

Update: I have started a list of more ways to get more energy, that I discover during my More Energy Project.


Ditch it or Fix It

Doorbell © Erik Back 2012

I live with my girlfriend in a flat on the second floor of a building with four floors. We have an entry telephone at the street-door because it is always locked. This way guests and carriers can press a button to announce their arrival.

The entry telephone is a clever arrangement that my girlfriend and I appreciate a lot, because it saves quite a bit of money if the alternative is to throw rocks at the windows.

But sometimes a neighbour or a deliveryman who is already in the building wants to say hallo. They have two options; they can either press the doorbell or knock repeatedly on the door. Most people knock the door and those who choose to ring the doorbell usually have to leave with unfinished business.

It’s not that we don’t like people who ring our doorbell; we simply can’t hear the bell. Why not? Because it’s not working!

If you have a doorbell that is not working then make it work or take it down. There is no point in keeping utilities that doesn’t work. It is inconvenient to press the doorbell a couple of times and then knocking the door hoping that someone will hear you.

The guest or carrier risk getting impatient or irritated and that’s an unfortunate start of the visit. Make it easy for people who are coming to visit you, that will create better energy.

Not Just the Doorbell

It’s not just the doorbell that has to be working. If you have anything in your house that is not working then ask yourself: Am I going to repair it? If not, then throw it out; get rid of it. If you don’t want to expel your malfunctioning appliances then fix them.

Gadgets and objects that do not serve their purpose will end up cluttering your life; they will bring bad energy and give you worries that you don’t need.