Top 5 Bad Habits

isolation © by Dawn Ashley

1. Watching too much television is bad for your physical health. Especially your heart and back suffers from sitting in front of the television, but also you metal health suffers and your IQ drops.

2. Not responding to stress is a common and very bad habit. Typical stress symptoms are feeling irritable, memory problems, frustration, muscle tension and headaches. The list is very long and it is important to act immediately on these symptoms; you can see an elaborated list at Changing Minds.

3. Having a negative attitude will isolate you hinder you from reaching your goals. In general it is a good idea to acknowledge the things you don’t like and then focus on the positive instead. I.e. your dreams, your visions and the things you want instead of what makes you unhappy.

4. Perfectionism is definitely one of the worst habits and it kills creativity. If you don’t take action and keep collecting information or fiddling then you will never get things done; you won’t make any changes and never get to your goals and dreams. Don’t fiddle – take action and remember that you learn from failure.

5. Being isolated is not good for your health and it will not help you get anywhere. You need other people to get success in this world. If you tend to isolate yourself then you need to work on you social skills and save some money on psychologist sessions.