Ditch it or Fix It

Doorbell © Erik Back 2012

I live with my girlfriend in a flat on the second floor of a building with four floors. We have an entry telephone at the street-door because it is always locked. This way guests and carriers can press a button to announce their arrival.

The entry telephone is a clever arrangement that my girlfriend and I appreciate a lot, because it saves quite a bit of money if the alternative is to throw rocks at the windows.

But sometimes a neighbour or a deliveryman who is already in the building wants to say hallo. They have two options; they can either press the doorbell or knock repeatedly on the door. Most people knock the door and those who choose to ring the doorbell usually have to leave with unfinished business.

It’s not that we don’t like people who ring our doorbell; we simply can’t hear the bell. Why not? Because it’s not working!

If you have a doorbell that is not working then make it work or take it down. There is no point in keeping utilities that doesn’t work. It is inconvenient to press the doorbell a couple of times and then knocking the door hoping that someone will hear you.

The guest or carrier risk getting impatient or irritated and that’s an unfortunate start of the visit. Make it easy for people who are coming to visit you, that will create better energy.

Not Just the Doorbell

It’s not just the doorbell that has to be working. If you have anything in your house that is not working then ask yourself: Am I going to repair it? If not, then throw it out; get rid of it. If you don’t want to expel your malfunctioning appliances then fix them.

Gadgets and objects that do not serve their purpose will end up cluttering your life; they will bring bad energy and give you worries that you don’t need.

My Invisible Junk Is Piling Up!

Invisible pile © Erik Back 2012

Do you know these piles of indefinable documents and magazines? I am a collector of these piles and I call them ‘my invisible piles’.

I have promised myself to sort out these piles for a very long time, but they seem to have the upper hand of the situation. Apparently I have both male and female piles because they are reproducing in large numbers.

I call my piles invisible because I stuff them into empty cabinets, but vacant cabinets is becoming in short supply and soon I will be forced to do something about it.

Cluttered cabinets may seem harmless but they bring as much bad energy as if my piles of documents were on display. It is time to work out a habit to get rid of the invisible piles and prevent them from reproducing.

There are great benefits for me to gain; e.g. I would get a lot of free cabinets for the tableware that is cluttering our small kitchen and I am sure that my girlfriend would appreciate more room for her clothes and shoes.

Paintings Belong on the Wall

Cluttering Print @ Erik Back 2012

About one year ago I hung up a painting in our living room. I chose this painting because it has nice colours and bit of humour or cuteness to it that exposes a calm and comforting energy.

Before the painting made it to the wall it had been waiting to get there for almost six months. I have no idea why it had to take so long for me to drill a hole and put a screw into it to support the painting.

It’s not that I’m lazy because I’m usually busy doing something; maybe that’s why it took so long. Anyway, when a painting has been standing around long enough I start getting used to it and I don’t really notice it anymore.

My girlfriend did notice the framed colours though, because she was the one who had to move it around to satisfy our vacuum cleaner’s needs.

Finally I pulled myself together and hung up the painting. We didn’t need the paintings good energy floating around on the floor of our flat; actually it was more cluttering than energising.

The empty boring wall suddenly became colourful and joyful; I admired the painting and my work. I was happy to see that it hung straight just the way I wanted it to.

Now you are probably wondering: What happened to the empty spot on the floor that used to be the home of the painting? Well, it so happens that my girlfriend fell in love with a large colourful print; I bought the print and it has now been filling that empty space for the last six months.

But never mind – it has good company from the television that stands next to it wrapped in plastic to protect it from the vacuum cleaner.