How To Get An Attitude For Success

Your attitude is the most important factor to your success. People judge your actions by your attitude and no matter how good you are at something you will not succeed unless you have an attitude that is accepted by other people. I once had a teacher in English, he was very good at English but he was always angry; he yelled at the pupils all the time accusing them for being lazy. The result was that we did not make our homework and we all got bad grades.

Later in life I had different jobs but usually people were not happy with me and I did not understand why because I was so good at doing the job. I realised what was wrong when a project manager at a cultural initiative faced me said it straight to me: “Erik! I do not like your attitude!” I quit the job and felt extremely hurt but actually he helped me. It was my attitude that hindered my success.

I took this experience and learned from it. Later I started my own business and to have an income the first couple of years I took an extra job on the side. At a glance it looked like a boring job, but I decided that I would keep a positive attitude and be happy about everything at that job. No matter how silly and stupid things I had to do I chose to do it with an exaggerated positive attitude. I thought to myself that it did not matter if things were boring it was not a job where I needed to succeed – but I did! It turned out that no matter how bad things are, they will not fire me and they were always happy to see me. I had managed to change more than I could ever imagine even though I did not try to.

People want to listen to people with an engaged and positive attitude. Thus, if you want success: Be happy and positive about absolutely everything! You will discover that your attitude will affect your own perception as well.

3 Basic Choices In Your Life

Even in the worst situation you can ever imagine you always have a choice. Of course – choosing takes responsibility and trust. Let me show the three choices you always, and I mean ALWAYS have:

  1. Accept
  2. Change
  3. Leave

In all situations in life you will always have these choices to make although the choice can be hard to make. I will elaborate the three basic choices, but first I will set up a simple situation.

Imagine that your keyboard is not working properly; some of the keys get stuck and you have to pull them up after pressing them down. It can be really annoying if you use the computer in your day-to-day work. In this case you can choose to accept that the keys get stuck and just let them do as they please and be happy about it. If you choose acceptance you must be able to abstract from the defect keyboard and focus on other things that are more important to you.

If the keyboard still bothers you then you can choose to change the situation. Most people complain about the situation but you have to take responsibility for the things that make you unhappy. Take action by choosing to change the situation. In the keyboard case you can bring the keyboard to the ICT department and ask them to switch the keyboard to one that is working.

But sometimes your action to change does not work and you will be forced to choose acceptance, at least so it seems. If the ICT department refuses to give you at new keyboard you face a new situation and you have to make a new choice. Are there other actions you can take to make you happy about the situation? If not, then you can choose to leave the situation. You can choose to resign at find a new job in a company where the keyboards work.

These choices can be hard to make since there are always other factors that influence the decisions you have to make. E.g. if you resign your job you will loose good colleagues. That is why choosing also is about prioritising what is more important.

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How To Choose Your Reality

To find the truth we choose to base it on the stories we find most trustworthy. We automatically trust stories that are told by our close friends, because we do not see any reason for them to lie to us. But we tend to ignore that they could be misinformed and tell stories that are at variance with reality; or maybe they just reproduce reality from their own point of view. We also trust stories that the majority are convinced represent reality; e.g. the medias.

It is worth keeping this in back of our mind when we communicate messages to our surroundings. If you tell something to someone you do not know, it is most likely that this person will seek verification from someone he knows better. That is why you have to look and act trustworthy if you want people to adapt your worldview. E.g. you are at a job interview; if what you say and how you dress is inconsistent, then you will not get the job because you do not appear trustworthy.

Another example: Whom do you vote for at elections and how do you justify your choice of candidate? Most people base their choice on the stories told in the medias and a lot of people just choose their candidate because he dresses nice and seem sympathetic.

To be welcome in other people’s worlds you need to reflect a worldview that they can identify with.

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How to make success – it is a construction

Where does success come from?

Success is not something other people can bring upon you, neither can they make you unsuccessful. Success is not externally imposed. It’s something that comes from within yourself and success depends on the way you perceive the world and its reality.

Success is a construction.

Everything in the universe is connected in some way. With that in mind it must be possible to influence every aspect of the universe however small the impact may be. Before this article becomes too abstract and philosophical I will show this by an example:

Do you know the feeling of entering a room and the people in that room somehow make you feel uncomfortable? Later you find out that these people just ended a big row. There is a certain feeling in the air when you experience this.

You have probably also experienced the feeling of meeting someone special that you feel connected to from the very first?

These phenomenons can be explained by our ability to pick up vibrations in our surroundings that can help us act. We can use this ability to become more successful. Instead of letting the surrounding environment affect us, we can choose how we interpret incidents in our environment.