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My Personal Business Dimension

Money © Erik Back 2012

My blog on has been on vacation for a while. I simply didn’t know what direction to take in my writing. I have tried to start a new blog called Good Sense of Living that mainly focuses on food and recipes.

But yesterday I sat down thinking and asked myself:

  • Who am I?
  • What am I good at?
  • What defines me?

I have a lot of interests and that fact confuses me and that confusion is reflected in the great variety of topics in my posts. But all my interest and activities had to have something in common and yesterday I realised the obvious.

No matter what topic I stumble upon that catch my interest I always get ideas on how to exploit the opportunities of that topic. I always try to develop the ideas and see them as business opportunities. That is what I am good at and that is what most of my activities has in common.

Why is that obvious? – Because I am a skilled business economist in strategy and management. I have a MSc in business economics from Aarhus School of Business.

Like many others I have been on a long journey to discover myself and to find my purpose in life. I’m not there yet, but I think I finally found my passion and that is what I’m going to focus on for a while on this blog.

I will expand the blog with a new personal business dimension. I come from Denmark and I run a clinic for reflexology. I’m very good at giving treatments but I have realised that giving treatments does not drive me; I’m driven by the ideas that can develop my business.

I have started a blog in Danish about how to start a clinic and be successful. I will translate the key points of my posts and bring them on this blog.

What do you think? – Please comment my post and tell about your own experience.

Ditch it or Fix It

Doorbell © Erik Back 2012

I live with my girlfriend in a flat on the second floor of a building with four floors. We have an entry telephone at the street-door because it is always locked. This way guests and carriers can press a button to announce their arrival.

The entry telephone is a clever arrangement that my girlfriend and I appreciate a lot, because it saves quite a bit of money if the alternative is to throw rocks at the windows.

But sometimes a neighbour or a deliveryman who is already in the building wants to say hallo. They have two options; they can either press the doorbell or knock repeatedly on the door. Most people knock the door and those who choose to ring the doorbell usually have to leave with unfinished business.

It’s not that we don’t like people who ring our doorbell; we simply can’t hear the bell. Why not? Because it’s not working!

If you have a doorbell that is not working then make it work or take it down. There is no point in keeping utilities that doesn’t work. It is inconvenient to press the doorbell a couple of times and then knocking the door hoping that someone will hear you.

The guest or carrier risk getting impatient or irritated and that’s an unfortunate start of the visit. Make it easy for people who are coming to visit you, that will create better energy.

Not Just the Doorbell

It’s not just the doorbell that has to be working. If you have anything in your house that is not working then ask yourself: Am I going to repair it? If not, then throw it out; get rid of it. If you don’t want to expel your malfunctioning appliances then fix them.

Gadgets and objects that do not serve their purpose will end up cluttering your life; they will bring bad energy and give you worries that you don’t need.

I Have a Cold Because of Bad Habits

missy with kleenex © by adamdoesit

I have a strong health and last time I caught a cold was spring 2010 after a break up. When the routines and habits that form your foundation crack then your immune system will weaken and you are more likely to catch a cold. Almost two years after my last cold I have another one. I am not complaining because most people catch a cold at least three or four times a year.

But the reason I caught a cold this time is that I have been stressed. I have had too much work, too many worries and too little sleep. My to-dos have piled up and they seem endless. No matter how much I do or how much I work there just does not seem to be and end to the tasks and to-dos. I have a flat tire on my bike, articles to be written, groceries, papers to be handled, bills to be paid and invoices to send, a budget that seems unrealistic and … I could go on all day.

The problem is not that I have a lot to do the real problem is my habits. Somehow I lost control of my habits and somehow some of my habits have turned into bad habits because the environment has changed. Business has not been well for a while and a lot of changes have been necessary, but I forgot that big changes in the environment demand big changes in habits and routines. It is time to tear down some walls and build some new ones, better and stronger than before.

The sooner I change my habits the sooner my health will become strong again. In times of change the most important thing is to keep a cool head and peace of mind. If you have a cold right now, then think about your habits. I recommend that you read my article about Zen habits to get better.

How to Be Nice to People: Give More than Expected

David serves coffee © by mkorcuska

Giving is a fantastic principle! It is nice to give; it makes people happy and it usually generates something in return sooner or later. To give is such a simple thing to do and the first time I saw giving as a rule of life was in the book “The Go-Giver” by Bob Burg and John David Mann. I recommend reading that book although it is written for success in business the rules apply perfectly in your private life as well.

Get the book at AmazonOne of the rules is to give more value than people expect. E.g. if you are at work and go for a cup of coffee, then bring a cup of coffee for you colleague as well. He expects you to respect him and to cooperate at work, but by doing a little extra you give more value than he expects you to.

The good thing about receiving extra value is that it usually has a much greater value than if it was something that was expected from you. E.g. if your colleague asked you to bring him a cup of coffee, then the same cup of coffee would be appreciated but it would not have the same value.

The extra value that you add to the coffee actually comes from you. By wanting to be nice to your colleague you demonstrate that you like him as a person and that you would like to give him something. You show him your appreciation by bringing a cup of coffee unasked and thereby add greater value to this cup of coffee.

You can practise giving more than expected anywhere and in every aspect of your life. The minute you start giving greater value it will feel like the whole world has changed to the better. I promise you that you will feel a radical change almost instantly.