Eggs Save Energy

Day #4 in my More Energy Project.

Eating eggs helps save energy. Today I had and egg with my breakfast plus a shot of tomato juice.

I was extremely tired when I woke up, but my energy was good all morning and forenoon. Energy fell to very low in the afternoon, but my general mood was good.


Day #3 in my More Energy Project

I started they day with exercising at the gym. I joined a class of Bodycombat. After class I felt energized and I took a long shower and relaxed in the sauna.

I spend most of the day with my son. It has been a fine day; I am very tired but I’m in a better mood than I would have expected.

I also ate berries in a smoothie today. Dark berries should be very energizing.

Can exercise replace sleep?

Sing out loud

Day #2 in my More Energy Project.

Really bad day with no energy at all.

Singing actually helped a little.

What would you do?

“It’s getting better all the time…” – just thought of the old Beatles song Getting Better

More Ways to Get More energy

My More Energy Project reveals new ways to get more energy. I will list them below and update every time I discover new ways to get more energy.

  1. Start a project: Making the decision to start an exciting project like More Energy Project
  2. Text your partner: Send a positive SMS to your partner
  3. Reminders vs to-dos: Make reminders instead of to-dos


Change Your Socks for Refreshment

Day #1: Change socks at work.

Apparently this trick should give extra energy.

My energy level: very low; very tired

Tomorrow I will give you an update on socks and energy 🙂

Small update: It turns out that making the decision about starting the More Energy Project is enegizing in it-self. Starting a new project is exciting and creates energy.

This post is part of my More Energy Project. You are welcome to comment on my project.