Work with Your Body’s Clock

More Energy Project Day #9

Energy level today was ok – especially in the morning.

I try to get up at the same time every day. I usually get up about 6 o’clock.

My body and mind work better in the morning than later. Today I started working at 7.30 accompanied with a cup of red eye coffee. I already had breakfast with an egg. I found that eating eggs help preserving energy.

After lunch I felt tired and a took a small nap. That nap helped me through the rest of the day. I’m tired but not in a bad mood as I used to be.

I think that working with my body’s clock helps me maximize my energy. It’s no use trying to work if the body wants to sleep. If I force my body to do things that it is not set to do, then it will drain energy. I might as well listen to my body and plan my day according to the body’s clock.

I have written a couple of articles about sleep:

Do you take a nap if you feel like it?

To-do Lists and Reminders

More Energy Project Day #8

Today I started the day with a red eye coffee at my local café. I like working in the morning and this morning I feel energized for the first time in several weeks. I think this energy project is starting to pay off.

Wednesday is usually a killer for me, but today I changed the routine and took the day of to do the work I want to do.

I have tried to structure my tasks for years. I always have a list of to-dos that I never get to do. My to-do list is draining me for energy. I have read one article after the other about how to manage my to-do list, but it never works for me. Leo from ZenHabits is more radical and suggests that I kill my to-do list. I’m not sure I can do that either, but reading his post made me think.

To-dos are usually thing I should have done. The deadline is usually due. Leo suggests using reminders in the calendar if there are things that has to be done at a certain time. Reminders are usually things that have to be done but the deadline is not due yet.

Thing I should have done drain me for energy, but reminders don’t. Sometimes reminders can do the exact opposite. Maybe Leo is right; kill the to-do list? I don’t need to be reminded of all things I haven’t done and never will.

I’m thinking that maybe the trick is to develop a system of reminders that ensures that I get things done before the deadline is due? That would certainly give me more energy.

If I kill my to-dos then that would still leave me with a bunch of things that I haven’t done yet – but maybe I can give them a new deadline?

How do you get things done?

Drink Water to Gain Energy

More Energy Project Day #7

My project is now one week old. I’m very far from my goal; I still have 173 days to go.

A project like this takes time and I don’t expect to be at the top after just one week. Today my energy level is somewhere between low and ok.

Yesterday I had a good and hard class of taekwondo and today I drank more water than usual and I have cut down on coffee. Yesterday I wrote about coffee and caffeine.

I felt sleepy after lunch but. I’m at work now and my mood is ok, but starting to feel tired.

Drinking water helps the body expel waste products. But how much extra water do I need to drink? A rule of thumb says about three liters a day; but that turns out not to be true. According to Scientific American you should only drink when you are thirsty unless you have a condition that takes more water.

I guess I don’t have to drink more water than I feel like, but since I have a problem with my energy level I will try to drink an extra cup of water to gain more energy.

How much water do you drink?

Sweet Caffeine!

More Energy Project day #6

I’m at work and I started with a good strong cup of coffee. I have to make advantage of this caffeine trip that usually lasts for a couple of hours.

According to the article on ZenHabits caffeine should be used wisely because too much caffeine can have the opposite effect and will drain your body for energy.

A rule of thumb: Avoid caffeine eight hours before bedtime.

Caffeine stays in your body for about eight hours. Usually you only feel the effect for a couple of hours, but if you have caffeine in you body at bedtime, then it will disturb your sleep and that’s not good for your energy.

I try to get to bed about 22.00 (10 pm) but I usually don’t sleep before 23.00 (11 pm). That means I should not drink coffee after 14.00 (2 pm).

Coffee tastes good and it really gives me a kick, but it would be great if I could have this kick without drugging myself with caffeine. My experience is that the less coffee I drink the higher the kick is when I take a cup of coffee.

How much coffee do you drink?

Btw I found this great article about how caffeine works.

Energy below zero

Day #5 in my More Energy Project.

Energy level: Very very low; tired all day

I don’t think I did anything to increase my energy level. I did not sleep well because our son had fever and was coughing all night.

I’m writing this although I should have written it yesterday, but I was too tired.

Come to think about it – I did do something; I watched television with my son and we both enjoyed that. I also found the energy to take care of my son.

How do you get rested?