Is James Bond Real?

The stories we tell and the conversations we have all contributes to our common perception of reality. By communicating we synchronise our worldviews and if we do not like the world we see, then we can try to change it by participating in that world. You can change people’s perception of reality by contributing with your stories and by exploring other people’s worldviews.

You have probably formed an opinion about certain actors or presidents in the world, but when it comes down to it: What do you really know? You have only heard the stories told by the medias and you assume that these stories represent the truth. Thereby these stories form your reality and worldview. Would your worldview change if you met these people yourself?

Stories can be interpreted in different ways it all depends on the angle you choose to see. This way the same stories can give different perceptions of what the world looks like. We all know that James Bond is fiction but somehow he seems more real than a random name from the phonebook you have never heard of before. That is because you have heard more stories about James Bond than about John Doe.

Choose your stories and you have chosen your reality.

Tomorrow I will show you how to choose trustworthy stories.

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How To See Reality

The world we create by communicating, telling stories, is the way we see the world. It is the reality that we experience and describe with our language. A worldview is called a paradigm and is best described as a pair of glasses that you see through. One pair of glasses presents the reality in one way, while another pair of glasses makes the world look completely different.

Sometimes it is good to put on another pair of glasses to see the world from another perspective. That would make it easier to understand how other people see the world and it would help us develop better relationships. Often other people’s paradigms room possibilities we cannot see with our own pair of glasses.

Once you have experienced the world from another perspective, it will never be the same again.

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