Send Your Partner to Bed Early

More Energy Project Day #22

These days I have more focus on getting sleep than ever. I’m trying to figure out how to get more sleep at night and during the day.

Most of us have some kind of sleeping routine. When I was single my sleeping routine was very easy to maintain; I simply went to bed when I was tired and there was nothing to disturb my sleep. But the rules have changed after we became a family.

Now I share the bedroom with my wife and my son Axel; and they don’t necessarily want to sleep when I do. Axel usually sleeps through the night but he awakes now and then the get his pacifier. Sharing bedroom with other people involves sounds and movement that can disturb your sleep.

I’m a light sleeper and it doesn’t take much for me to wake up. My wife and I go to bed at the same time, but my wife’s getting-to-bed-routine takes about 30 minutes more than mine does. Since I cannot sleep before my wife comes to bed I will be spending half an hour just waiting for her.

By changing our routine and sending my wife off to bed 30 minutes earlier we would be in bed at the same time and I would get about 30 minutes more sleep each night.

How does your partner help you sleep?


Make a Wake Up Schedule

Time © by alancleaver_2000

Sleep and exercise is going well, I get up at 6.28 and later today I am going swimming 2.000 meters. Soon I will have to work on my diet habits because much to often I have to decide what to cook when I get hungry and by then it’s too late and I just eat whatever I find in the refrigerator.

6.28 am – that’s an odd time to wake up you might think? Well, there is a reason for that; I started my sleeping habits by setting the alarm clock to wake me up at 6.00 am but I realised that was not good. I just could not get out of bed at that time of day. I think it has got something to do with my geographical location. I live in Denmark and today the sun rises at 8.43 am and it sets at 4.17 pm, so getting up at 6 o’clock feels like in the middle of the night and for some reason we ‘Norsemen’ seem to need more sleep in winter than in the summer.

The sun rises about two minutes earlier each day and I thought it would be nice to get up about 6.00 am in the summer, hence I set the clock to wake me up two minutes earlier every Monday. This way my body gets used to getting up earlier and I get a bit more sleep during winter.

You can use this technique no matter where you live in the world. If you have trouble getting up early then start out by deciding a good time to get up (e.g. 6.00 am). Find out when you usually wake up; if you wake up at 9.00 am then set the clock to wake you up at 8.00 am. If you feel good about getting up at 8.00 then set it to 7.00 am.

If 7.00 am is hard for you then you should start getting up at 7.30 am and then accustom your body to get up earlier by setting the alarm clock two minutes earlier every week until you reach your goal.

Make a schedule that shows your progress and then you will reach your goal and get up at 6.00 am. It could look something like this:

Wake up schedule

Goal: 6.00 am

January 6.30 am – 6.24 am

Week 1: 6.30 am

Week 2: 6.28 am

Week 3: 6.26 am

Week 4: 6.24 am

February 6.22 am – 6.16 am

March 6.14 am – 6.08 am

April 6.06 am – 6.00 am

May 6.00 am!