We Maintain Power by Finding the Answer to Existence

Existence © Erik Back 2012

We all seek the meaning of life and it is becoming more popular to find an answer or at least some kind of explanation to our existence.

Some people prefer the world to be a logical and rational place to be. They don’t like to question whether a certain tree exists or not. They can see the tree and that’s all they need to know.

But my experience is that most people today are curious to know why that tree exists and what makes us believe that it does.

For hundreds of years science has tried to explain every physical thing into details. Science has been zooming in on everything in such details that it sometimes looses the sense of perspective.

Laypersons are increasingly interested in the whole. Society has experienced a boom in literature and television programs about existence.

People are fascinated by the mysterious energies of the universe that we cannot explain. They seem to influence the whole existence of material things and we want to know why.

We seek knowledge in Buddhism, the law of attraction, synchronicity, television programs, spirituality, yoga, meditation, therapists, life coaches, self-development etc.

We want to know what we don’t know.

We hunger for knowledge about existence more than ever.

What consequences will that have to science?

We have advanced to a level of living standards where survival is not our primary concern. It is a natural instinct but we have time and energy to explore the unknown to advance even further in existence.

We know so much about the details that we realise that everything is interconnected and we want to know more about that interconnectedness.

Power is our motive for looking for answers

I think it is because we want control. We want power. We need physical and mental power to secure our own existence and the existence of the world around us that makes us happy i.e. family, friends, job, network etc.

We have advanced from a stage of life where we could maintain power by using our fists or a club. We can all maintain physical power today and it is not a major threat to us. We need something more advanced. We have all the physical power we can possible have and now we search for power in a metaphysical sense.

What do you think?

Do you seek answers to existence?

Do you think it all crap or are you open to the unexplainable?

The Purgatory – a Stage of Purification

Kremlin Church © Erik Back 2005

In my last post [I Was Stuck in the Purgatory for 10 Years] I used the Purgatory to explain my path to a new stage of life. But what is the Purgatory?

Is the Purgatory an idea strictly reserved Catholics?

I decided to look up the Purgatory concept. I found that most beliefs have a concept much like the Purgatory. It is a process of purification.

In the old Egypt the pyramids had a chamber of purification and in Buddhism your whole life is a purification process.

In today’s society it is more and more common to search yourself and find peace. We write books and articles about how to become better individuals and how to be healthy and happy to spread the happiness we achieve.

I’m not to judge the Purgatory concept. I believe that it is up to you to decide what it means to you.

What do I make of the Purgatory?

Basically I see the Purgatory as a process of purification of both body and mind. It is a constant process we have to do to develop ourselves and to reach our life goals.

To get to another stage of my life I have to let go of the previous stage. I have to clean up my clutter and take my good experiences into the future.

There is a lesson to be learned at every stage of life and if we don’t learn that lesson we won’t be able to move on to the next stage.

What is the Purgatory to you? Is it a purification process that most people have?

Should we try to cleanse body and mind to become better individuals? What do you do?

Is self-development a process of purification?

I Was Stuck in the Purgatory for 10 Years

Norwegian Mountain Top © Erik Back 2000

It’s funny how we move through different stages in life.

At one stage we like to do certain things that we don’t like at another stage.

For some years I have been stuck between two stages of life where it has been difficult for me to find peace. It was a living Purgatory where I had to do something to qualify to move on.

When my social circle moved on to the next stage in their late twenties I had to stay at that stage for another decade. It was fun at the beginning, but as I got older it felt more like suffering than good.

Why couldn’t I enjoy being 28 for the rest of my life?

People used to say that I should be happy and enjoy my freedom. Travel they said. But where would I go? I have travelled in USA, South America, Russia and Europe. It is starting to become tedious.

What was I supposed to do to be allowed to move to the next stage of my life? I settled with the idea of being single and 28 for the rest of my life, but it wasn’t satisfying. I wasn’t happy.

Clean up the Mess

As I turned 40 I met a sweet girl and I found myself moving fast to the next stage. I don’t know what I did to qualify but I think it all started after a long and focused cleansing of my body and mind. I cleaned up the mess.

My new girlfriend thought I was in the beginning of my thirties moving to the next stage and was a bit surprised to find that I just turned forty. She was only 29 and on her way to the same stage that I had been trying to get to for the past decade.

Yesterday I realised that I had finally found my way to the next stage in life. I live next to the university. Every year there is a tradition that all students take part in. Most universities have these traditions.

The festivity culminated at midnight and drunken students filled the streets. I was awake half the night cursing the loud music and drunken students. I realised that I didn’t miss that anymore.

A couple of years ago I would take part in wild parties and social gathering with games, alcohol and flirting. Just like anyone would do at 25 years old.

But tonight that did not feel appealing. I just wanted to sleep and get up the next day to go to work and earn a living to support my family.

My new girlfriend is pregnant and tomorrow we are getting married. I am happy to be at the next stage.

Life is fantastic!

Where Is My Life Manual?

Me Day 3.276 © Erik Back 2012

Thinking about life sometimes gives me a headache. Actually I have one right now. I’m so puzzled and frustrated about life right now and it is giving my brain a work overload.

Life never stands still, it is in constant flux and all I can do is try to keep up. Like Eric Hoffer said: In times of change learners inherit the earth; while the learned find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists.

I like change but right now life is changing so fast that I just want to look up in my life manual to see what is going on and when it will slow down again.

Next week my girlfriend is no longer my girlfriend and I will have to get used to call her my wife while watching her grow to the size of a whale. She’s pregnant and it is fantastic. Five months already and in September my life as it is now will be a long forgotten past.

It’s interesting that we have books that describe the development of every single day of the embryo and foetus. Every stage is described in amazing details. It is fascinating to read about but it is also thought provoking how predictable the development is.

Humans follow a development pattern and we go through certain stages of life, but for some reason life is kept a secret for us as soon as we grow up to become adults.

I’m still looking for the book that describes day number 15.245 in an adult males life.

Are we predictable?

I don’t want to be 15 years or 20 years again. I have been on that stage of life and every time I meet people of a certain age I can recognise the characteristics of the way they think, act and perceive the world.

They seem to have the same struggles in their physical and mental development and I catch myself thinking: You’ll understand when you get older.

I hated when grown-ups told me that.

We are all unique but we seem to go through life in very predictable stages and yet these stages come as a surprise to us.

Am I experiencing the same emotions and perplexity that every other man is experiencing at day 15.245?

We are writing tons of books on self-development and we love them. But can we influence our own development or is it just a naïve stage we are going through? When I reach day 30.356, will I say: Oh, you’ll understand when you get older?

Is self-development just a predictable stage of life?

Chapter 23: Day 15.245

Today the male will be at a stage of bewilderment and hair will start growing on his back.

Do we really need a life manual if our nature is to believe that we can change development? At the age of 7.280 days I wouldn’t be much concerned about the hair that pops up on day 15.245. If I read such a manual at the age of 7.280 I wouldn’t believe it.

Are we so convinced about life at a certain stage of life that we refuse to see the pattern we follow until we pass that stage?

Even though I have been through recognisable stages of life I still believe I can be different than the rest of the male population at the age of 17.324 days.

I will learn and grow wiser.

Meanwhile I will accept and continue my stage of life-development and use my passion of writing to share my experience with you.

If you are older than 15.245 days you will probably say: You’ll understand when you get older; and if you haven’t reached day 15.245 yet you will read, learn and believe you can change the pattern.

How To Use Personality Tests

Taking the personality test... © by ninasaurusrex

There are many types of tests available to help you discover yourself. Some of the tests are well documented and widely used by companies all over the world, other tests are homemade just to entertain you while surfing the net or reading a magazine. I believe that any test can serve you if you use it right.

A few years ago I was working at an athletic organisation and one morning I came to work and saw one of my colleagues read a newspaper. I noticed that the newspaper was a paper of poor quality with a lot of gossip and I could not help comment this. I knew that my colleague was smart and I did not understand why he would read this paper. I learned a very important lesson that day when he replied: “Rumours do not come from nothing!”

I learned that even though the quality was poor the paper had something to offer if I understand how to read it. The same goes for tests: You can always use the result for something if you use it right. If you take a test in a random magazine then do not expect that it will reveal the truth about you. It will merely point you in some direction that you can use as a hint. If other tests show some similar results then it probably reflects some truth about you.

E.g. if you take ten magazine tests that all say that you are introvert then there is something to it, after all. The important thing is that the result of whatever test you make will give you some understanding of whom you are.

Personality tests like “Jung Typology Test” is based on Carl Jung’s research in astrology. But even though few people would use astrology when hiring staff they will use the Jung Typology Test because it will help to understand what type of person you are.