Work Is a Bad Habit

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I work too much and that is not good for me. The result of working 80 hours this week is an incredible urge to do nothing. There is no creativity and no motivation to do anything.

My work this week has resulted in poor writing and right now I am not able to elaborate on that. My working habits need to be revised.

Today’s advice on healthy habits: Work hard, but not too hard!


Time is a bad habit

Can the making of good habits go too fast?

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I was up at the usual time at 6.28; I poured myself a glass of water and sat for a while. It was nice just sitting there and letting my mind wander. My mind wanted to review what happened yesterday. My first lesson of yesterday was that I could only make a habit if I can find the desire for that habit; but that was not what I was thinking about. My mind was thinking about a healing session I tried.

I think it is healthy to try new things and to be open-minded. I am a reflexologist and I agreed to exchange session with a healer, so I gave her a treatment of reflexology and she gave me a healing session. I couldn’t feel a thing, and I was a bit disappointed I admit. But this morning my mind was rethinking what happened and I realised that I was filled with some kind of calmness that I haven’t felt for a long time. Maybe that healing did something to me after all?

I have learned another lesson by that: I have to consider that maybe I’m pushing myself a bit too hard? I have to accept that my mind and body have limits. Things take time and so does the making of new habits. I have learned that as long as I make new habits I have to accept that I cannot make too many new habits at the same time because then I risk building an incomplete foundation instead of a strong and stable foundation.

My foundation consists of sleep; exercise; diet and cleaning cluttered areas both physically and mentally. But if I break up all of my existing foundation to build a new and stronger one, then what will support my development if I don’t have any foundation?

It would be like building a house without using a scaffold. The scaffold is only a temporary device that stabilises the house while building it. Without the scaffold the workers risk falling down and the working conditions will be too hard and too difficult. You risk that the house will never be finished.

My existing habits are making my current foundation, they are my scaffold and if I want to strengthen my foundation I have to accept that I can only work on some of the foundation at the time or I will not have any foundation at all. My mistake was finding a new habit to implement every week. That is too much.

The past two days have been very important in the making of new habits. To sum up I have learned:

1. You need desire

2. You have to accept that habits take time

3. Do not push yourself

4. Keep a peace of mind

Why is it Hard to Form Good Habits?

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It is hard to form good habits and we all struggle with this. I am in the process of developing good healthy habits to form a good foundation for my life. I have learned that it takes self-discipline and commitment to do it.

To make a good habit you have to feel a desire to make this habit and first of all you have to get the right attitude and mindset. You have to make the habit twice; first in your mind and then in action. If you cannot imagine yourself doing this healthy habit then you will not succeed in action.

Start with your mind

Stephen Covey suggests, in his book about 7 habits to be effective, that you start with your mind by envisioning your goal and then try to understand why you want to reach this goal. Then you can start forming your new habit in action.


The other great parameter that determines your success in forming a good habit is your commitment to the task. You have to be 100 % committed and prepare for keeping that commitment for six to eight months!

A few weeks ago I decided that I would make some major changes in my habits and I am totally committed to them. First task was getting up at 6.30am every day. I have done that for three weeks now. It is far from a habit but it is getting easier and easier every day. Next task was to implement a nap when possible between 1pm and 3pm. I have done that for two weeks now and last week I started exercising every day for at least 30 minutes.

The only way I will succeed is by self-discipline and commitment (– and of course a great deal of understanding from my girlfriend.)


I found this great article that suggests you create a timeline to envision your goals. It is quite simple and yet effective. [Create a Timeline to Better Envision Your Goals]

This Is Your Foundation of Healthy Habits

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If you want to change your life and realise your dreams it is easy to make the decision to do so; but it often turns out to be difficult to see where to begin and what to do; and what if it doesn’t work?

Today I will give you the main areas that form your foundation of healthy habits and resources to make a good decision.

1. Make a decision and a contract

The first and most important thing you have to do to succeed is make a decision that you really want to do this. You have to decide that no matter what happens you are going to do this; you will make this healthy habit. Then make a contract with yourself where you promise to make this healthy habit. This habit is the most important thing in your life! E.g. if you decide to get up at 6.30am every day – then shut out everything else, even emotions, and just get up!

If you can convince yourself that you are going to do this, then you are half way there. It will take a lot of self-discipline, but you can do it.

2. Choose a healthy habit

There are four main areas that you have to master:

I. Sleep

II. Exercise

III. Diet

IV. Clean up

Each area is subdivided and encompasses a wide range of habits to implement, but as long as you stick to a healthy habit within these areas you are on your way to better life.


I think most people have problems making a decision; it can be terrible hard to do. I found a good article about making a decision and stick to it, written by Natalie Lue on her blog ‘Baggage Reclaim’. The article is about relationships but she has a good description of how to make a decision that can be used in any situation. I think you will benefit from reading this.