I Am Tired but Push-ups help

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I feel like I’m tired all the time. I’m trying hard to implement a good lifestyle. My problem is that I do a lot of good things but I do too many. That means I’m exhausting myself.

I have decided to cut down on a lot of activities and simply do less. These days I don’t feel motivated to work on my blogs and I don’t have energy to exercise and I’m starting to get irritated by other people.

Those are classic symptoms of a man who needs to slow down and do less. I have to fight my guilty conscience about doing less.

Good morning routines

I have successfully created some good morning routines that work well for me. I rise every day at 6.00 and then I sit in quietude drinking a glass of water.

A week ago I started at new routine – doing push-ups. I want to do 500 push-ups a week. That’s about 70 push-ups every day. It’s going well and I am doing them after sitting in quietude.

18 Exercise Habits That Are Guaranteed to Keep You Fit

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1. Make it a habit to exercise every day

2. Make it a habit to vary your training

3. Make it a habit to have fun while exercising

4. Make it a habit to stretch

5. Make it a habit that you push yourself to the limit

6. Make it a habit to keep a training journal

7. Make it a habit to set realistic goals

8. Make it a habit to let your body recover

9. Make it a habit to optimise your diet

10. Make it a habit to stay focused while training

11. Make it a habit to warm up

12. Make it a habit to drink water while exercising

13. Make it a habit to exercise with others

14. Make it a habit to exercise in the morning

15. Make it a habit to make workout enjoyable

16. Make it a habit to be consistent

17. Make it a habit to stay positive

18. Make it a habit to be patient

Take Exercise Step by Step

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My exercise habit is troubling me. I’m an active person and I have always loved playing sports and doing exercise, but for some reason it is difficult to implement at least 30 minutes of exercise every day. I can’t imagine how difficult it must be for people who never do exercise and don’t like doing it.

Anyway, I’m sure it is possible to get there if I do it right. Things take time and just like getting up and becoming an early riser I will have to set myself a goal an gradually work my way to that goal.

The first week of exercise went well but the difficulties began when I had a full day of work and other appointments. There is just not time enough to implement an extra 30 minutes of training, at least not right now. I have to slowly adapt to a new lifestyle and new habits and habits can take up to eight months to form.

I do want to do exercise and I have a desire to do exercise; but I have to be honest – I don’t feel the desire for running five kilometres at 6.28 in the morning when the moon is still up and white frost covers everything. It takes a lot of self-discipline to get out under those conditions!

Make a plan

To get exercise every day you have to make a plan:

1. Find a goal and write it down. (E.g. exercise at least 30 minutes every day)

2. Set a deadline for your goal. (E.g. by 1st of June)

3. Make a schedule for each day of the week that shows what kind of exercise you would like to do. (E.g. Monday – swimming; Tuesday – fitness; Wednesday – swimming; Thursday – yoga; Friday – running; Saturday – surprise; Sunday – running)

4. Plan every day step by step. (E.g. join a sports club and attend training twice a week; then start running 10 to 15 minutes; then go to a fitness centre; then make a small workout plan starting with a few push-ups etc.)

The trick is to add a little extra when you feel ready for it. I have learned that you cannot do it all at once. It takes time to implement good habits. You know what they are saying: Good things are worth waiting for!


If you hate to work out then read this article at Summer Tomato: [How to Start Working Out When you Don’t Like to Exercise]

5 Great Tips to Maintain Daily Exercise

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The making of my exercise habit is going quite well. I want to make it a habit to exercise at least 30 minutes every day. I started last Sunday running 6 km; Monday I went swimming for one hour; Tuesday it was one hour of boxing at the gym; Wednesday I went swimming again and I made 2.000 m; Thursday was workout with weights at the gym; Friday I ran for about half an hour; Saturday … hmm well, I didn’t quite make it Saturday but Sunday I went running with a good friend and we ran about 10 km. Yesterday was swimming day and today a good run in the morning watching the sun rise over the bay.

Let me give you couple of tips to maintain your exercise habit.

1. Set goals

I haven’t yet made any goals with my exercising, but I do swim a lot and I have been thinking about setting some goal to reach. E.g. I would like to do 50 meters freestyle below 40 sec. Until now my best time is 45.2 sec. Remember to put a deadline to your goals and make them realistic. I would like to beat the 40 sec. by June 20 when the swimming season ends.

Setting goals makes it easier to plan how to get there by setting subsidiary goals; and when you have subsidiary goals you can start making to-do lists.

2. Keep a journal

By keeping a journal you can review your progress and at the same time you make a sort of contract and commitment to the task. My journal is my blog, because if I don’t work on my habits I won’t have anything to write about. But there are many ways to keep a journal, just pick one.

3. Find a training partner

I exercise now and then with my best friend and I go running or to the gym with my girlfriend. This way I have at least two or three training dates every week. If you have trouble finding someone to exercise with then find one at the Internet. There are sites that are specialised in arranging training dates, just search one for your area.

4. Join a club

Find a sport you would like to master and join a sports club. I have joined the local swim team and we train hard every Monday and Wednesday. This way I maintain a social aspect of training while getting professional instruction from a skilled trainer. I am always being pushed to the limit by either the trainer or by my teammates. This is good fun and great exercise!

5. Do something fun

Vary your exercise by doing something you don’t usually do. E.g. I go skating on my in-liners, go canoeing, go climbing and go mountain biking or whatever comes to mind. I like doing something I don’t do everyday and if I hear about something I have not tried before I try it out. This will keep the fun in exercising.


If you are a beginner and don’t have much experience in exercising then take a look at this article from ZenHabits [Five Simple Exercise Programs for Beginners]

Try to visit this website for beginners as well. The blog doesn’t seem to be updated anymore but there are a lot of good articles for exercising when you are a beginner. [Exercise for Beginners]