Cookies in the Morning Are not Healthy

Cookie © Erik Back 2012

My alarm clock alias my iPhone told me to move my attention from a pleasant dream about glasses made of ice to a more realistic state of consciousness about 5.45.

I poured myself a glass (made of glass) of melted ice and maintained my habit sitting in quietude drinking my water.

After my morning routines I find myself sitting at the clinic with a cup of coffee and a cookie. It’s 7.30 and I’m eating cookies – that can’t be a healthy habit!

Usually I would bring a piece of bread but in my search for eatable and portable food I didn’t find any bread in the kitchen this morning; I did find some of my girlfriend’s delicious cookies though.

The problem is that I have failed to plan our meals and running out of food was inevitable. After working on my sleeping habits it is time for me to clean up my bad eating habits. I usually eat healthy and varied food so my problem is getting meals organised and planned.

It takes a lot of work planning meals and I honestly don’t have the time for it. I have to climb high above my food clutter to get an overview and find out how many meals I actually have to plan.

Until I have worked up a routine planning meals I have to keep the process as simple as possible. It is no use planning great creations that would take hours to cook. I have to make up plain and simple dishes that are fast and easy to prepare and to shop for.

At the moment I am working on a routine the will help me making to-do lists. I’m creating a habit of looking at my iPhone’s to-do app once every day. On the to-do list I have written one and only one easy task to keep it simple. But in the future I think that simple task is going to be some delicious food related task.

3 Additional Ways to Improve Your Breakfast

Perfect Breakfast? © by oosp

This morning I wished I had some more time. I know that the breakfast habit is more important than anything when it comes to a healthy diet. But today I did like most other people – I skipped breakfast and grabbed something to eat at work.

I have a busy schedule the next couple of days and I already know that I will not get proper food to eat. There is nothing that I can do about it now but I have learned a lesson that makes me think: – How can I prevent this from happening again?

The secret answer is: Planning! I need to plan my meals ahead and at least once a week I should plan my meals to ensure that I get proper food. That is a good habit.

Why do people skip breakfast?

In this post I will stick to the breakfast habit. When the baby screams and the clock I ticking the stress hormones start to take over and mornings often become chaotic for most people. You chose to hit the snooze button instead of getting up on time and where is the other sock?

On hectic mornings skipping breakfast is very appealing, but what can you do to make sure you get and enjoyable breakfast?

When I look at people’s breakfast I notice that they usually eat the same every morning. Unfortunately people don’t vary their breakfast much. But there are a lot of ways you can make the most important meal of the day more interesting.

On the Diet Blog I found [5 Simple Add-ons to Make Breakfast Better]. The author suggests that you add flaxseeds, walnuts, fruit, protein or almond milk to your breakfast. This will surely make breakfast more enjoyable.

I have three additional ideas you can do to eat a healthy breakfast every morning.

1. Wake up early and rise when the alarm sounds.

2. Plan breakfast for a week.

3. Prepare breakfast before you go to bed.