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How To Get An Attitude For Success

Your attitude is the most important factor to your success. People judge your actions by your attitude and no matter how good you are at something you will not succeed unless you have an attitude that is accepted by other people. I once had a teacher in English, he was very good at English but he was always angry; he yelled at the pupils all the time accusing them for being lazy. The result was that we did not make our homework and we all got bad grades.

Later in life I had different jobs but usually people were not happy with me and I did not understand why because I was so good at doing the job. I realised what was wrong when a project manager at a cultural initiative faced me said it straight to me: “Erik! I do not like your attitude!” I quit the job and felt extremely hurt but actually he helped me. It was my attitude that hindered my success.

I took this experience and learned from it. Later I started my own business and to have an income the first couple of years I took an extra job on the side. At a glance it looked like a boring job, but I decided that I would keep a positive attitude and be happy about everything at that job. No matter how silly and stupid things I had to do I chose to do it with an exaggerated positive attitude. I thought to myself that it did not matter if things were boring it was not a job where I needed to succeed – but I did! It turned out that no matter how bad things are, they will not fire me and they were always happy to see me. I had managed to change more than I could ever imagine even though I did not try to.

People want to listen to people with an engaged and positive attitude. Thus, if you want success: Be happy and positive about absolutely everything! You will discover that your attitude will affect your own perception as well.

How To Clean Up Your Home

If you have a cluttered house full of things then start cleaning up one room at a time and work your way through the chaos room by room. Let me show you a good method I use now and then.

  1. Remove everything from the floor and visible surfaces and put it on a blanket or table.
  2. Take one item at a time and decide which room of the house it belongs to and put it there. Then move on to the next item.
  3. If you cannot decide on an item then put it in a box or throw it out.
  4. Things that you have not used for more than a year: Get rid of them!
  5. Things you only use once or twice a year: Put them in a box in the cellar.
  6. Things that bear bad memories or do not fit your house: Get rid of them! These are often heirlooms that are hideous or belong to dead people’s life – how can they possible define your life?

After cleaning up you will feel a better flow of energy and feel more happy and relaxed.

How To Sleep

Your body regenerates during sleep and to optimise your sleep I have set up a simple sleeping guide. The body needs sleep on certain hours of the day to feel re-energised and to function well on the day that follows. I do not believe in such thing as B-persons or A-persons; if you live a well-balanced life and have a solid foundation, you will go to sleep at 22.00 – 23.00  (i.e. 10pm – 11pm) and wake up at 06.00 – 07.00 (6am – 7am). If that does not apply for you then there is something in your life that is out of balance.

The body follows a natural cycle that is connected to other natural cycles (e.g. night and day). When it is dark the body rests and when there is light it awakes. The body has a gland that can detects night and day; it is called the pineal gland and it produces melatonin that is important to prevent a number of disorders (e.g. cancer, ADHD, Alzheimer, migraines etc.)

The liver is also in need of rest at night in order to process proteins. If it is disturbed it will not do a proper job and you will not re-energise. If you fail to get a proper sleep your body will degenerate because of the many functions of the liver.

  1. Do not consume proteins after 19.00 (7pm)
  2. Go to bed no later than 23.00 (11pm)
  3. Get up no later than 07.00 (7am)
  4. Sleep in total darkness and quietude
  5. Exercise and eat healthy during the day

It is important to keep this cycle – also in weekends and on days off!

Food for thought: We spend one third of our life in bed but how much time do you spend in your car? How much did you pay for your car and how much did you spend on your bed?