How To Eat

Although it seems like basic knowledge it is my experience that few people eat right. Your body needs fuel to function and it needs different kinds of fuel depending on its tasks. Food and eating right is a science and can occupy a large proportion of your time. Only few people want to spend all their time figuring out how to eat right.

I have spend a lot of time researching this topic and my conclusion is that if you optimise your food and eating habits your life will become difficult and lonely. Your quality of life will be reduced if you choose that path because living is much more than eating right. Sometimes it is better to eat unhealthy food. E.g. if you attend a party and you bring your own food because you only eat biodynamic raw cabbage, then people will consider you difficult and weird; you will be pushed to the rim of any social network and that is a very unhealthy place to be. It would be better to just eat what is there and enjoy every bit of it.

I have made a few rules of thumb that you can follow and they will guarantee that you get what you need to get through the day in a productive way:

  1. Eat breakfast every day.
  2. Most important meals are breakfast and lunch
  3. Focus on a varied diet
  4. Eat a lot of vegetables
  5. Avoid proteins after 19.00 (7pm)
  6. Eat snacks (and I do not mean candy bars!)
  7. Avoid processed food
  8. Combine your eating habits with sleep and exercise.

Test Your Personal Foundation

You can test whether you have a solid personal foundation or if you have a very unstable foundation. Take a look at the keywords in the table below a mark the words that you feel describe you best. If you have any words in “Very unstable” then you should think about what you can do to improve.

E.g. if you are depressed then take a look at the keywords that characterise a solid foundation and see what you would like to be instead of depressed. If you choose positive, then ask yourself what you can do to be more positive.

It is okay to be characterised by some of the keywords in “unstable”, but you should strive towards the keywords in “solid”.

Solid Unstable Very unstable
Peace and quiet

Good adaptability























Poor self-confidence














Focus on problems





How To Build A Solid Foundation

If you are stuck and feeling unsuccessful then it is time for change and change requires a solid foundation. Every aspect of our life has a core where our life path and worldview originate. This core contains the basic idea of everything we know and experience. You will find this core inside yourself and that is why everything you want in life, without exception, starts inside yourself.

First thing you need to do is to build a strong body and mind that can serve you well in your life path. This is the basic foundation and it encompasses elements like nutrition, exercise and rest. To develop yourself and others you need to have a strong body and mind and to get that you have to give your body optimal conditions. Your health will be reflected in everything you do and your successes depend on your health.

E.g. if you are a human resource manager in a company and you want to improve absence, how well do you think you will do if you frequently call in sick? Or what if you were a doctor that have a distinct smell of tobacco? – Would you appear convincing when you tell your patient to stop smoking? How well do you think your brain would work without fuel? Would you make good decisions if you are stressed and tired?

That is why you have to build a basic foundation inside yourself as the first thing. Then you can start working on your immediate environment that encloses people with whom we have an everyday relation. This is the phase where development takes place and when you have build a solid foundation for your inner core and immediate environment, then you can start change and expand your world in new environments.

Test if your foundation is stable or unstable, I will post this test tomorrow – please subscribe to be notified.

How Long Does It Take To Build A Business?

Building your own business and creating an income that is decent enough to live from is hard and takes a lot of work and most of all it takes persistence and patience.

A business takes 3-5 years to build and the first year is, by far, the hardest. The first year you should not expect any income at all so be prepared to finance your business and living concurrently with other activities. The first year you need to set daily goals and do them even if it seems pointless. Work intensively on communicating your accomplishments in your network. Know that your network is the most important tool you have.

Your daily goals help you to keep motivation and that is very important because you will experience times where you just feel like giving up. But do not give up! Listen to the feedback from your network and be conscious of the messages you send out. Focus on your success because that will create positive feedback. Your close network like family and friends will be concerned about you and you will meet some resistance, but it is just because they worry and you have to be very positive in the stories you communicate.

After the third year you will see that you have reached a break-even and income seems to level your expenses and after five years you have a good business that can make you a living. It takes time to build credibility and trust; your environment needs to see that you can make it for at least one year before it starts recommending you. Your network needs a business partner that it can rely on.

How To Clean Up Your Cluttered Life

Do your life feel chaotic and cluttered? Most of us have tried the frustrating feeling of chaos and loss of perspective. Everything seems hopeless and you just feel like giving up. This entry is an introduction to frequent tips on how to clean up your life and regain your sense of perspective.

In my worldview it is all about energy and whether that energy has a positive or negative impact on my life. To maintain a good perspective of life I think it is very important to keep things as simple as possible. Do not cling to the past, live in the present and do not worry about the future. The past is history and there is nothing you can do to change it and the future is unknown, so why worry? I have a strong believe that my present actions will lead to a good future.

Take a good look at your life areas, like partnership, physical surroundings, economy, health, mind, social network etc. Every aspect of your life needs to be cleaned up. You have to remove everything that you do not need. Remove items or thoughts that belong to the past and do not contribute to a positive development. E.g. if you went through a divorce, then you need to remove everything that reminds you of your ex partner in order to get on in life.

In general you need to remove things that you do not use, because they will clutter your life and fill it with stagnation or even destruction.

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