What is Energy?

More Energy Project Day #10

Same pattern continues.. I feel good in the morning and for-noon, but then my energy level starts to fall.

After changing the last diaper I was exhausted and ready for bed, but I still had a lot to do, and no energy left.

I cannot help thinking what energy is? Well, I know what it is, but the kind of energy that I’m referring to in my More Energy Project isn’t just a physical energy; it is a kind of mental energy as well.

I tried to google the energy and the results were overwhelming. One article on Wikipedia caught my interest though. It was about the concept ‘energeia’ that was described by Aristotle. Energy comes from the word energeia, but has a different meaning today.

Energeia comes from the word ergon that means ‘work’.

Aristotle gives two examples of energeia:

1. Pleasure is an energeia of the human body

2. Happiness is an energeia of a human being human

Isn’t that what it is all about? My More Energy Project is about feeling energized and being happy. It’s about getting this positive feeling of well-being and being able to be me. I just want to feel that I’m good at being me. That is the kind of energy that my More Energy Project is about.

How would you describe energy?


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