Work with Your Body’s Clock

More Energy Project Day #9

Energy level today was ok – especially in the morning.

I try to get up at the same time every day. I usually get up about 6 o’clock.

My body and mind work better in the morning than later. Today I started working at 7.30 accompanied with a cup of red eye coffee. I already had breakfast with an egg. I found that eating eggs help preserving energy.

After lunch I felt tired and a took a small nap. That nap helped me through the rest of the day. I’m tired but not in a bad mood as I used to be.

I think that working with my body’s clock helps me maximize my energy. It’s no use trying to work if the body wants to sleep. If I force my body to do things that it is not set to do, then it will drain energy. I might as well listen to my body and plan my day according to the body’s clock.

I have written a couple of articles about sleep:

Do you take a nap if you feel like it?

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