Drink Water to Gain Energy

More Energy Project Day #7

My project is now one week old. I’m very far from my goal; I still have 173 days to go.

A project like this takes time and I don’t expect to be at the top after just one week. Today my energy level is somewhere between low and ok.

Yesterday I had a good and hard class of taekwondo and today I drank more water than usual and I have cut down on coffee. Yesterday I wrote about coffee and caffeine.

I felt sleepy after lunch but. I’m at work now and my mood is ok, but starting to feel tired.

Drinking water helps the body expel waste products. But how much extra water do I need to drink? A rule of thumb says about three liters a day; but that turns out not to be true. According to Scientific American you should only drink when you are thirsty unless you have a condition that takes more water.

I guess I don’t have to drink more water than I feel like, but since I have a problem with my energy level I will try to drink an extra cup of water to gain more energy.

How much water do you drink?

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