More Energy Project

I have been low on energy for more than 18 months. My life got turned around after my son was born and we became a family. I havn’t managed to ajust to family life. As a result I am stressed, exhausted, low on energy and I’m starting to feel discouraged and depressed.

Something has to be done! Now!

I found an article on ZenHabits with 55 ways to get more energy. I’m a big fan of Leo’s site and if he can manage to stay enegized, then so can I.

For the next 180 days I’m going to turn my life around and ajust to family life. I will try all 55 ways that Leo suggests. Everyday I will post what I’m doing and how much more energy I gain from doing it.

These posts are not perfect; I’m not going to rewrite or spell check. This is a project with one goal only: To give me more energy.

I commit to this project by involving you, the readers of my blog. – maybe you will get inspired to start your own energy project 😉

Update: I have started a list of more ways to get more energy, that I discover during my More Energy Project.


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