Why You Hate Change and Love Variety

Variety © Erik Back 2011

Change is everywhere and the world is in constant change. Experts say that change is good and a lot of us maintain that we love change; but we don’t!

I must admit that I have always thought that I welcomed change. That was until I had a personality profile made. First I ignored its insane suggestion that I’m reluctant to change. I write about change; I preach change; I love change!

But I was wrong. I don’t like change – I like variety… and so do you!

Change vs. Variety

We need change to develop. If we want to achieve and have success or to be happy, then change is necessary. Since we don’t like change we have to learn how to cope with change and learn how to create change to develop in a positive direction.

Big changes, whether they are good or bad will create stress. Unforeseen change will always make us feel uncomfortable to some degree. Some people cope better than others do, but we all have our limits.

Too many changes at one time will break you and that’s why you do not like changes.

Variety is different. Variety is something you need to stay motivated. Variety is doing what you do in a different way without changing it. Maybe you choose to go another way to work or maybe you ride your bike instead of driving your car to work. You don’t quit your job.

Variety is what makes you see the world and your life from another perspective and sometimes that is what you need to create change. That way variety can be a means to change.

Change has a more permanent character than do variety.

Have you experienced big changes that made you uncomfortable? How did you cope?


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