We Maintain Power by Finding the Answer to Existence

Existence © Erik Back 2012

We all seek the meaning of life and it is becoming more popular to find an answer or at least some kind of explanation to our existence.

Some people prefer the world to be a logical and rational place to be. They don’t like to question whether a certain tree exists or not. They can see the tree and that’s all they need to know.

But my experience is that most people today are curious to know why that tree exists and what makes us believe that it does.

For hundreds of years science has tried to explain every physical thing into details. Science has been zooming in on everything in such details that it sometimes looses the sense of perspective.

Laypersons are increasingly interested in the whole. Society has experienced a boom in literature and television programs about existence.

People are fascinated by the mysterious energies of the universe that we cannot explain. They seem to influence the whole existence of material things and we want to know why.

We seek knowledge in Buddhism, the law of attraction, synchronicity, television programs, spirituality, yoga, meditation, therapists, life coaches, self-development etc.

We want to know what we don’t know.

We hunger for knowledge about existence more than ever.

What consequences will that have to science?

We have advanced to a level of living standards where survival is not our primary concern. It is a natural instinct but we have time and energy to explore the unknown to advance even further in existence.

We know so much about the details that we realise that everything is interconnected and we want to know more about that interconnectedness.

Power is our motive for looking for answers

I think it is because we want control. We want power. We need physical and mental power to secure our own existence and the existence of the world around us that makes us happy i.e. family, friends, job, network etc.

We have advanced from a stage of life where we could maintain power by using our fists or a club. We can all maintain physical power today and it is not a major threat to us. We need something more advanced. We have all the physical power we can possible have and now we search for power in a metaphysical sense.

What do you think?

Do you seek answers to existence?

Do you think it all crap or are you open to the unexplainable?


  1. I think I do. But I think of it more as ‘getting in touch with what is going on’.

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