My Worldview and Science

Metaphysics © Erik Back 2012

My worldview changes all the time. One of my passions is knowledge; consequently my worldview is bound to change.

I am fascinated by the thought that I can change the world by changing my attitude and perception of the world. I believe that it is necessary to acknowledge that reality and the existence of things depend on the person who sees, i.e. my worldview is subjective.

I am also fascinated by science, but I cannot ignore the fact that there are things that cannot be explained by science. Therefore, I believe that science represents a good guess on the truth, but it will almost always be estimation.

Hundreds of years ago science claimed that the earth was flat; that fact was based on experience and belief – not actual knowledge. Though, it remained the truth until science found it more reasonable to believe that the earth is round.

I don’t like to dismiss the fact that unexplainable things do happen. It is difficult for me to ignore that there are events that fall out of statistical probability e.g. Jung’s synchronicity concept.

We have to keep in mind that science does not represent the truth; science is the pursuit of knowledge. Science used to be the same as philosophy but today they are two different things; science has been divided into two branches:

Formal science is based on formal systems and rules like statistics, mathematics etc. Formal science is not based on observations i.e. there is only one perception of reality.

Empirical science is the pursuit of knowledge about how things work and how people think. Empirical science is based on observations and experience i.e. there are many perceptions of reality.

The interesting thing is that the only way that society will accept a field, as being scientific is if it can be explained by formal science. If you cannot account for an event by using formal science, then the event will be dismissed and categorised pseudo science or metaphysics.

My field of study or operation is not formal science; my field is philosophy and metaphysics. Does that make me a metaphysician? I guess it does.

What are you? Can your world be explained by formal science?


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