Keep a Sense of Perspective With ZTD

Nice path © Erik Back 2011

I have started to implement ZTD to become more productive. Being productive has some advantages: Less stress, peace of mind and it keeps me motivated.

ZTD is short for Zen To Done and it is a simplification of the GTD concept (Getting Things Done). ZTD is a work and life management system based on habits.

Day 2 with ZTD

Habits take time to make and I have decided to spend one month on each of the 10 steps in ZTD.

I have set up my iPhone to handle my captures and at the end of the day I transfer my captures to a to-do list. I use the simple Notes app for iPhone and the All-Done app.

I like to keep things simple and I immediately felt the effect of this exercise. While transferring my notes I could see a simple to-do list form in groups, each with a sub-list of to-dos.

All-Done neatly organised my to-dos and I got an instant sense of perspective. I felt motivated and wanted to start doing some of the tasks right away.

Today I have more peace of mind.

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