How to Create Lasting Healthy Habits

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To have success with your habits you have to choose a few habits out of many to work on. When you start creating habits it is essential that you choose habits that you desire and enjoy.

I have made a list of suggestions on key posts on the topic of creating healthy habits from my archives. I hope you enjoy them.

Habit Management

This Is Your Foundation of Healthy Habits – the basic and most important habits

5 Incredible iPhone Apps for Habit Management – use your iPhone to track your habits

Keep it Simple – One Habit a Month! – this post explains why you should only focus on one habit at the time

You can Control Your Destiny – a bit philosophy about the free will and your destiny

Habits Are Fragile Like a House of Cards – my personal experience with creating too many habits at the same time

Exercise Habits

18 Exercise Habits That Are Guaranteed to Keep You Fit – use this list as inspiration

Take Exercise Step by Step – how to make a good exercise plan

5 Great Tips to Maintain Daily Exercise – five tips and couple of link to resources on the Internet

Sleep Habits

Make a Wake up Schedule – how to accustom your body to rise early

Sleep Is a Mystery – exciting research on napping

6 Reasons to Take a Nap – why napping is a healthy habit

When Is the Best Time to Wake Up? – read this if you are interested in what happens in your body when it awakes

Diet Habits

21 Diet Habits – for your inspiration

3 Additional Ways to Improve Breakfast – plan, prepare and get up early

Habits on Your Mind

The Habit of Positive Thinking – research links that show how a positive attitude affect your body

Are You Conscious About Your Habits? – I found this great program from BBC on YouTube “The Secret You”

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