21 Diet Habits

shrimp salad by ZZZ © by viZZZual.com

1. Eat breakfast

2. Have three meals a day

3. Breakfast between 7.00 (7am) and 9.00 (9am)

4. Lunch between 11.00 (11am) and 13.00 (1pm)

5. Dinner between 17.00 (5pm) and 19.00 (7pm)

6. Have three healthy snacks to keep a stable blood sugar

7. Eat vegetarian meals at least three times a week

8. Drink water

9. Only drink 30 minutes after your meal

10. Eat vegetables

11. Eat wholemeal bread

12. Vary your food

13. Bake instead of frying

14. Cut down on coffee and tee – drink water or herbal tee

15. Make a menu for a week

16. Buy a cookbook with vegetarian food

17. Cut down on sugar

18. Use olive oil

19. Buy organic food

20. Avoid processed food

21. Bake your own bread

Extra: I found a fantastic link to an article with easy tips to planning a healthy diet and even more resources.

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