I Want to Master the Basics

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The more I learn about habits the more I realise how important the basic physiological habits are. I wanted to cover the whole process from physiological habits to transcendental habits but the topic turns out to be too broad. Even the four groups of the physiological habit seem like too much for one blog. So, what to do about it?

I am in the process of narrowing the topic of this blog down and I think that you will be reading mostly about physiological habits in the future. My interest is to convey methods to implement good and healthy habits; I want to give you an understanding about how those habits work and I want to make the strong foundation that you need to have a healthy life both physically and mentally.

So, what does this mean?

Do you remember the habit hierarchy that I made based on the hierarchy of needs? Well, although there are a lot of interesting topics out there I will focus on the topics that concern the basic habits. I want to master the basics myself and I want to help you master the basics. I will start by changing the categories of the blog to a few central topics that concern the basics.

The basic physiological habits

There are four areas of habits I want to master and those are: Sleep, exercise, diet and cleansing (I still haven’t found a good word for cleansing but I am open to suggestions). I am not going to tell you how to do the disciplines you choose. I.e. if you choose running for exercise I will not be writing about running, but I will show how you can implement the habit of running.

I will try to give you resources from the net that can help you on your quest for a life full of healthy habits.

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