My Sleep Habits So Far

However you see © by baileyraeweaver

I get up at 6.30 every morning with only two exceptions where I get up at 5.30 because I work early two days a week. It feels good to get up early and I do feel a bit more rested than before; I feel more energised and I get more things done.

The best change I have made in the waking process is sitting quietly drinking a glass of water. It is a cleansing habit that I am starting to feel the effect of. It was a habit I picked up from one of Leo Babauta’s articles on his blog Zenhabits; he highly recommends sitting and drinking a glass of water. I have tried it for a few days now and I will continue doing it to see the long-term effect.

When I sit it feels like the mind gets to clean up the clutter inside my head. Thoughts that I usually would not have or memories that I forgot about just pops up to entertain me for a while. The interesting thing is that I have noticed that I need those thoughts to better understand my situation and the tasks that wait during the day. Somehow my mind gets the peace it needs to dig out the resources I need today and I start planning my goals for today and how I will manage to get to those goals.

I can start my day with peace of mind.

At first it seemed ridiculous to just sit there with a glass of water; I didn’t see the point. I was already awake (I’m not the groggy kind of person) and ready to start working. But now I understand what benefits I get from just sitting and letting my mind clean up some of the cluttered areas. I will recommend this waking up habit.

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