6 Levels of Habits You Want

Good Habits © by Horia Varlan

Level #1: Physiological habits

The physiological habits are the basic habits that form the foundation of your life. You have to master these habits to be able to achieve on the next levels of the hierarchy of habits. Every day you should consider what you could do better. Ask yourself: What can I do today to improve my sleep? The next day you ask: What can I do today to improve my exercise? The day after you ask: What can I do today to improve my diet? The fourth day you ask: What can I do today to improve cleansing?

These are the four basic groups of this level and on the fifth day you start over asking yourself what you can do to improve your sleep. It is a never-ending cycle that will help you master the basics.

Level #2: Safety habits

You need a place to live and you need a job to earn an income and to give you an identity and a purpose of life. First of all you have to master the basics, the physiological habits, then you can work on your safety habits. You do not have to do this every day but you should at least once a week work on these habits.

Write down you dreams and goals for each of the groups on this level and review them once a week. Safety habits encompass home, work, economy and order. See what you can do next week to get closer to your dreams and make a to-do list.

Level #3: Social Habits (Habits of love and belonging)

I’m still working on this model and I have based The Hierarchy of Habits on Maslow’s hierarchy of need and Frankl’s additions. Thus, the terms will change a bit and in the future I will call this level Social Habits.

On this level you will take care of your social network. Like level two you should write down your dreams and goals and practice your social skills and do some networking. Make sure that you have positive people around you, and that they support you and your worldview; and get rid of toxic people. Toxic people are people that are negative and do not contribute to your well being.

Level #4: Esteem habits

This is the level of habits most people begin with and very often they fail because they will not succeed unless they master the basics! If you do not master especially the physiological habits then there is not a chance that you will succeed at this level. So, back to basics!

However, if you have made yourself a solid foundation of good habits then it is time for you to work on this level. The groups of these habits are: Self-confidence, self-esteem and achievement. Most people with psychological problems have symptoms on this level and I have written three series about these problems. I will give you a link to these series that comprise 36 articles!

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I have had serious problems with my self-esteem; I worked on the basic physiological habits AND the two levels following those habits. Do I have self-esteem problems anymore? Yes, but only if I do not get my sleep, exercise or proper food!

Level #5: Self-actualisation habits

This is where you set your life goals and start thinking about how you can realise your dreams. Everything is possible as long as you set your mind to it. This level is extremely difficult if you do not master the basics, but if you do master the basics then this level will be fun and easy.

Level #6: Transcendence habits

I don’t know if you can make transcendence habits, because this level is more like a consequence of success on all the other levels. You will start seeing how everything is connected and the meaning of life will be clear to you. You will feel oneness and connected to the universe. This level is almost spiritual.

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