Good Habit 4: Caring Cleansing

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When I was a child I had a lot of budgerigars and they could spend hours preen themselves. The budgerigars have a habit of mutual preening and they seem to care for each other. They have a playful nature and are very curious; they always seem to have extra energy to do acrobatic exercises or a prolonged chat.

Cleansing is one of the physiological habits that I found difficult to name because I had to find one word that covered personal hygiene, excretion and clearing the mind. Cleansing is everything you do to clean your body and mind to work well. Take some extra time every day to give your body more attention; it will help you achieving more. I have listed a few good basic habits to take up.

1. Shower. How often you need to shower depends on what you do, but shower at least every second day. Use an antiperspirant after showering.

2. Toilet. Go to the toilet when the need to, do not hold it in. Drink water to cleanse out waste matter.

3. Brush and floss. Brush your teeth and use dental floss. Your teeth are very important to your general health.

4. Skincare. Skin problems are usually an indicator of an imbalance in your body. Care for areas with dry or irritated skin and think about what you can do to get back into balance.

Physiological habit cleansing

Physiological habit cleansing © Erik Back 2012

5. Nails and hair. Cut your nails and wash your hair. Both are already dead cells but they indicate what shape your body is in. Spend time analysing hair and nails and see if you can change something to get better balance.

6. Meditate. Your mind needs cleansing too.

These are just some of the basic habits, but you can supplement daily cleansing with treatments of reflexology, massage, sauna and Turkish bath etc.

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