Good Habit 3: Delicious Diet

diet food © by skampy

A good and healthy diet is vital. Your body needs fuel to work and the quality of that fuel depends on what you eat and drink. You have to make a habit of choosing quality food that will optimise your body. That means you have to find a diet that produce the energy you need to perform both physically and mentally.

For a start I have made a small list of don’ts and dos that you can easily implement after starting today.


1. Don’t drink too much coffee. Enjoy a good and well-brewed cup of coffee in the morning and that’s it.

2. Don’t drink too much black tee.

physiological habit diet

Physiological habit - diet © Erik Back 2012

3. Don’t drink alcohol.

4. Avoid white sugar.

5. Avoid white flour.

6. Avoid white salt.

7. Avoid tobacco.

8. Avoid cola and soda water in general.


1. Drink water.

2. Bake your own bread.

3. Eat wholemeal.

4. Eat vegetables.

5. Bake your food instead of frying.

6. Drink herbal tee.

7. Eat vitamins and minerals.

8. Eat five to six meals every day (Three large meals and three small meals).

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