Good Habit 2: Elevating Exercise

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If I don’t get exercise I feel it immediately; my energy will drop and I tend to get a testy mood. But as soon as I go for a workout or a long run my energy comes back and after training I feel elevated. The body produces adrenaline and endorphins that make me feel happy and energetic.

Your physiological foundation depends on how strong and durable your body is. The stronger your body is the stronger your foundation is. I recommend that you aim at doing at least 30 minutes of exercise every day. At least three of your training sessions every week should be 60 – 90 minutes.

I have set up a couple of good training habits:

Vary your training. If you do the same kind of exercise every day then you will only train parts of your body. You need exercise that covers your whole body and that includes cardio training, strength training and stretching. Furthermore, if you don’t vary your training then your body will not get time to recover and rebuild.

Physiological habit exercise

Habit 2: Excercise © Erik Back 2011

Do specialised training (e.g. swimming technique or rowing or martial arts) Specialised training will help you setting and reaching goals. The specialised training could make up the three long training sessions. Specialised training is usually done in a club where you will build a social network as well.

Be consistent – attend training even if you don’t feel up to it. Usually you will feel better during or after training.

Have fun exercising. Play games; break a record; do crazy stuff; use your imagination and try new forms of exercise. This will also help you strengthen your foundation for developing your extrovert personality later in the process. But for now, just have some fun!

Early training sessions. Your body has its own cycles and at specific times of the day your body do specific tasks and functions. This means that the best time for exercising is in the morning before breakfast.

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