Inspiring Change Makes New Habits

Change Allley sign © by Matt From London

“Chaos often breeds life, when order breeds habit.”

– Henry Brooks Adams

A bit of chaos is very inspiring, the last 24 hours I have been experiencing with different layouts for my blog. Yesterday it seemed like I had ruined everything but now I think something good is coming out of the chaos I created.

I must admit that I started the change with a bit of fear. There was something inside me, a little voice, that said: – You are going to loose all your work for the past four months! The voice almost convinced me. But at the same time I knew that I had to update my applications for this blog. I did what I had to do and I did not loose my work.

I also knew that I was not happy with my first layout, but I had grown used to it and it was easy to manage and I felt secure. But it was false security because there were a number of tasks I had postponed a million times. One of them was making a backup. I have now automated the process and the blog is making a backup every day and emails me that everything is ok and I do not have to worry – yeah! That is certainly going to be a good habit.

Change something and make chaos!

Although a lot of new tasks are waiting I feel and inspiring new energy and I cannot wait to continue my work on the layout. I urge you to make some changes that can create a bit of chaos. Do something radical that will shake your world and you sit down thinking: – Oh no, what have I done!

Trust me, out of the chaos you create something new and wonderful will grow.


  1. Love your current layout. I never saw the previous one. But this is very clean and easily navigable. Nice job.

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