I Have a Cold Because of Bad Habits

missy with kleenex © by adamdoesit

I have a strong health and last time I caught a cold was spring 2010 after a break up. When the routines and habits that form your foundation crack then your immune system will weaken and you are more likely to catch a cold. Almost two years after my last cold I have another one. I am not complaining because most people catch a cold at least three or four times a year.

But the reason I caught a cold this time is that I have been stressed. I have had too much work, too many worries and too little sleep. My to-dos have piled up and they seem endless. No matter how much I do or how much I work there just does not seem to be and end to the tasks and to-dos. I have a flat tire on my bike, articles to be written, groceries, papers to be handled, bills to be paid and invoices to send, a budget that seems unrealistic and … I could go on all day.

The problem is not that I have a lot to do the real problem is my habits. Somehow I lost control of my habits and somehow some of my habits have turned into bad habits because the environment has changed. Business has not been well for a while and a lot of changes have been necessary, but I forgot that big changes in the environment demand big changes in habits and routines. It is time to tear down some walls and build some new ones, better and stronger than before.

The sooner I change my habits the sooner my health will become strong again. In times of change the most important thing is to keep a cool head and peace of mind. If you have a cold right now, then think about your habits. I recommend that you read my article about Zen habits to get better.

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