Habits Are the Building Blocks of Your Life

Building blocks © by DBduo Photography

Imagine you are building a house of bricks. The first thing you do is to make sure that your house has a solid foundation to stand on. If you build your house directly on the ground you risk that your house will give in time an eventually fall apart. The ground upon which you build your house has to be dry and stable; it is almost impossible to build a house on wet and unstable ground. Well, there are ways to build the house on piles but even then the piles have to form the stable foundation.

Apart from stable and dry ground your house needs a solid foundation made of concrete. Depending on the size of your house the foundation may even have been strengthened with steel. Upon your solid foundation you build your carcass of the house; the carcass is the core that makes your house stand in the worst hurricanes; if the carcass is strong enough it will stand for hundreds of years.

Around the carcass you stack the bricks that form the appearance of your house; they give your house personality. Finally you lay the roof; the roof is often the weak point of a building; the roof is often the first to give in when nature rage. You have to make sure that your roof is laid on a strong structure of rafts and made of tiles that are fastened tight.

Your life is just like the house you build. Your life needs a solid foundation and a strong core that will withstand the trials of life. The ground you build upon has to be stable; the ground of your life is your network, your environment and your culture. You need a solid foundation for your life; that foundation fulfils your basic need for shelter, food and income. These basic things are very solid and should not change much during life.

The carcass of you life is a bit more flexible. You can change career, move to another city etc. Big changes in life will change the core of your life. The roof of your house is like your mind, it is the weak spot of the construction and it tends to fly off when nature rage. Keep peace of mind and a cool head. Do not get stressed! The bricks of the walls are all the extra things that make your life what it is and you should be ready to enhance, rebuild and change that appearance at all times in order to improve your life.

Every single part of your life is like the building blocks of the house. They are traditions of culture, network and environment – very stable. They are routines and habits that make up the foundation, core, roof and walls of your life. Some of them are solid and changeless and others are brief and flexible.

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