Who Is in Charge of Your Life?

© by _sarchi

“Who am I?” gave 45 million results on Google and the term “Who are you?” gave 74 million results. It seems like 45 million people do not know who they are and about 74 million people want to tell you who you really are.

Well, I know that conclusion is a bit off, but it is thought provoking that 45 million people question themselves. They must be somebody and if they do not know who they are, then who does? Do you know who you are? Are you in charge of your own life?

You should spend time every day of your life to discover yourself and develop yourself. Take charge of your life and do not let other people tell you who you are and what you should do. The only way you will be happy is by being yourself and living your life.

Everything you are and everything you want to become is inside yourself just waiting to be discovered. Most people do not realise how much influence they have on their own destiny. Some people are unhappy and discontent with who they are and what they have become and if I ask them to do something about it they reply – I cannot change who I am, or – this is my destiny.

You know what? – They are right about the fact that they cannot change who they are, so why do they keep trying? Without knowing they are trying to be what they are expected to be by their friends, family, colleagues, fellow students etc. These people think that this is who they are and they just have to settle with that. But that is not how it is.

Did you know that you can see yourself reflected in other people? Your mood will be adapted by people around you and if they like you the will mimic you. You do this as well; it is something you do unconsciously. If you do not take charge of these reflections then your social circle will define you.

I suggest that you spend some time alone with yourself every day. Discover what your needs are, what your dreams are, what you feelings are, how you would like to be. Then start communicating what you discover, start being with people that reflect your values and your dreams.

Take charge of your destiny!

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