Fail and You Will Succeed!

FAIL stamp © by hans.gerwitz

Sometimes failure can be demotivating, but failing is actually a good thing. If you change your view on failure then you will stop fearing failure. The only way to succeed and reach your goals is by failing a lot of times. People who do not fail do not have success! People with success seem to do everything right, but the far from do! They just choose to put focus on their successes rather than their failures.

What is the point of promoting all the failures you did when you present the result of your success? Failure serves you on your way towards your goals by teaching you what works well and what does not. After many attempts to reach your goals and dreams you get there because you know more about getting there than anyone else does. You got all this knowledge by failing.

If you lost your motivation because you failed, then you need to change your perspective on failure and believe in yourself; change your believe system. Do you think the football champions became champions the first time they entered the field? No, and they did not become champions the second time either! They became champions because they really wanted to and because the believed it was possible!

Why would they believe that after loosing their first 100 games? Because they have seen other teams make it to the top and if those teams can do it the so can this team. They did it because the wanted to, because the believed it was possible and that they had the potential.

To succeed in life and reach the goals you set on your way, you have to focus. You have to be 100 % present in what you are doing. Do not try reaching your goals, you should not just be trying, because you have the potential to do it and you can do it if you want to. Do not try – just do it! Learn by your failures because the will show you the path to success.

Life is hard and you will fail a lot of times, that is because success comes through failure, but trust me, you can do it; you have the potential and if other people can do it then so can you! Everything is possible! – Never give up and do not let other people define what is possible and what is not.

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